BTS (방탄소년단) '불타오르네 (FIRE)' Official MV

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BTS (방탄소년단) '불타오르네 (FIRE)' Official MV 5

BTS Special Album '화양연화 Young Forever' will be released on 2nd May 2016.

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Teniendo en cuenta que BTS está a nada de dejar de ser el artista más transmitido en Youtube, es importante que se unan a un proyecto del cual se había avisado antes, consiste en hacer que BTS sea el PRIMER y ÚNICO ARTISTA con más MVS con 1B de vistas, esto sería como regalo de fin de año de ARMY para los chicos, este proyecto consiste en que 1M de ARMYS reproduzcan:
7 veces Dynamite
1 vez Boy With Luv
3 veces Fake Lov
3 veces Idol
3 veces Mic Drop

Al mismo tiempo intercalen con ON y Black Swan. También intercalen con otro tipo de videos que no tenga que ver con música o Bangtan en nada.
En total, tomaría 1 hora 11 minutos 36 segundos (todos los días) el proyecto comenzó el 15 de octubre y finalizará el 31 de diciembre es por eso que espero desde ahora se unan y difundan en todas las redes para que más ARMYs se enteren.
Cr: página que te recuerda porque eres Army

Vamos!! Traducelo a ingles o al idioma que conoscas si puedes! (POR FIS!)

Author — Shania Lizet Trinidad


When I wake up I listen to:
When I go to school I listen to:
When it's before class I listen to: BTS✨💜
When it's after school I'm listening to: BTS✨💜
At home I'm listening to: BTS✨💜

Author — s u g a


I come here everyday just to hear suga say "bultorune"
It's my addiction

Author — Ambang lina


no one:
absolutely no one:
Yoongi: sets a random person on fire

Author — Radhwa Ashraf


Jungkook: "It's okay to be a loser."
Also him: Has never lost anything in his life and backs out if there's even a chance of him losing. 😂😂

Author — Shadow Banana


Hi, I’m Cece and this is my story on how I became an army

I remember when I heard ‘Boy With Luv’ for the first time on the radio last year. I looked up the song on YouTube and watched the music video. I really liked the song. I had already known Halsey, but I never knew BTS. I looked up BTS songs, the first songs I listened to after Boy With Luv was DNA and Fake Love. I watched the music videos and I fell in love with them. I fell in love with their music and their faces. But... I suddenly just stopped listening to their music. I don’t know why I stopped. And I forgot about them too, I forgot that they existed.

A year later (September 2020)

When I was in the car the radio played ‘Dynamite’. The person who was announcing the song said it was by BTS, but I had no idea who they were at that moment since I forgot about them 1 year ago. Like I did with Boy With Luv, I looked up the song and watched the music video. I realized when I put the subtitles on the song was in English. I was surprised because they didn’t look American (or sound American). I watched the music video and honestly I developed a crush on Taehyung 😂😂 He’s just so hot- don’t come at me lol. Anyway, so I looked up BTS songs again and I saw that the red bar on the bottom of the DNA music video was to the end. I was confused because I didn’t remember watching it. I watched it again and I kind of got my memory back. I watched Fake Love again too. I remember how much I liked those songs. So I started to look up information about them. I looked up their age, birthday, names, etc. I honestly fell in love with them again. I watched every single music video.

(October 2020)

October 6, I joined the fandom. I watched a lot of interviews and performances and I was so happy watching them. I watched funny videos about them, I watched ship videos (I’m a multi-shipper don’t come at me pls) I watched cute moments, I watched hot moments- ....
What I’m saying is I truly fell in love. So I looked up what their fanbase name is because BLACKPINK fandom name is Blink but I didn’t know what BTS’s fandom name was. I read that is was Army. And I also read that Purple Hearts are a way of showing love to BTS, and their way of showing love to us fans. So I became an Army. I decided to join the fandom. I went on discord servers, I made a BTS stage on Minecraft, and I commented a lot on BTS related things. October 6th I became an army. I know I’m a newbie Army but it’s okay. (Also btw my bias is Kim Taehyung 😁)

October 10 I realized some of the army are toxic. They start wars. I’m an ARMY BLINK and there’s people that dislike that. They say things like “You can’t be an ARMY and a BLINK! You have to stick to one fandom, smh.” I love both of them. If you can’t accept that then go away. I don’t know why people can’t just accept that we like these artists. People hate on BTS because they don’t like them, and some people hate on them to troll. It’s honestly stupid as heck. Toxicity is the worse trait a person can have. Everyone needs to calm down. If you don’t like BTS then go away. It’s that simple. If you can’t accept the fact that other fandoms exist and people love them then just keep that to yourself. Like sheesh. That’s all I wanna say to toxic people and the haters.

This is my final message.

BTS has fans that love them and goes to their concerts. They show their love. BTS shows their love to fans too, I know that they are grateful for us, and we are grateful for them. They have struggled. All K-Pop Idols struggle. That’s why we have to respect them and support them throughout the way. They put their time and effort making music for THEM, and for us. Especially Army. They thought about disbanding once, and I cried when I heard that. But you guys kept them going. WE kept them going. If there wasn’t 7, it honestly wouldn’t be BTS. 7 is BTS, BTS is 7 💜

To the people who read my story, thank you. Sorry if my grammar is messed up.

BTS 💜💜💜💜💜

Author — StarryCece


Me : fireee
My bro : ( not knowing lyrics ) Tyree
Me : gives him slap, RIP bro

Author — Ishitha Reddy


'Dynamite' Official MV August 21st 01:00 PM KST

'Dynamite' MV [B-side] August 25th 00:00 PM KST



All of their outfits are hot as hell, 4 years later I still can’t comprehend how

Author — x lovelytears x



ARMYS BR MARQUEM PRESENÇA 🇧🇷🇰🇷🇧🇷🇰🇷🇧🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

Author — Esteffany Oliveira



Author — Destia Annisa


Me looking at the English subs: Don’t call me a spoon,

Author — Ruby Kung


We though bighit was going to give as the next clue for the epilogue. Then boom, they just threw fire at us.

Author — King KeNNy Slay


Yoongi jumps the fence:
Me: B I A S W R E C K E D

Author — Shadow Banana


When this song reach 1 billion views I will die in peace

Author — Pedro Martinez


Me: just watch the video
My little cousin: hey they stole that dance from fortnite
Me: FIRE~~~~
Proceeds to set him to flames

Author — Crimson Ninja


"BE" ALBUM OF BTS is coming on 20th November(2 pm KST ). Get ready to br3ak records.
1) 7M Pre-orders
2) 110M vi3ws in just 24 hrs
3) biggest you tube premium str3aming debut.
4) 10M+ likes in just 24 hrs.
5) biggest SPOTIFY DEBUT in youtube history.
6) all songs of the Album "BE" on top HOT 100 #1 to #5 only Bts songs.
7) 110 #1 on iTunes for both Title track and the whole album.
8) #1 on Global Spotify and Apple music global.
9) Billboard PAK ( #1 ON HOT 100, BB200, ARTIST 100, Global 200 and Global 200 excl. US )
10) chart all songs(whole album) on Hot 100 top5 .
11) #1 on US iTunes.

Please add more details if I forgot. Keep promoting "BE"

Author — Ajit Kr Mandal


Let's see how many people are watching Fire after Dynamite.

Author — María Rojas


hey ARMY we need yalls help, please stream 'Home Run" by SEVENTEEN! We want to get them 10M or 8M before th 24 hours, please we dont have a huge fan base like BTS does, help our boys out please, they are so underrated, and they work so hard . They are lable under bighit too so its a win win too. im an ARMY myself, i love BTS but i also stan SEVENTEEN please help us out, i know yall want BTS just on top but they probably want a little competition too. Please help, im not tryng to use yall, we just need yall help. stream home run and well stream dynamite BIGHIT FAMILY!

Author — Jennifer Montalvo-Guevara


If no one plays this when I’ll get incinerated then just don’t come to the funeral

Author — Cheryl Costello