Turkish leader rejects U.S. push for ceasefire in Syria

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Turkish leader rejects U.S. push for ceasefire in Syria 4
A bipartisan group of congressional leaders will go to the White House Wednesday to discuss the crisis in Syria caused by Turkey's invasion. New video shows Turkish artillery firing on Kurds in Syria. Vice President Mike Pence is heading to the region to press for a ceasefire, as Turkey's president gave Kurdish fighters a deadline of Wednesday night to leave a designated area along the border. Charlie D’Agata reports.

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You know it's bad when people are fleeing INTO Iraq to escape violence

Author — thisguy


It seems the middle east will always be the military's playground. Poor kids

Author — Necro Orcen


Prayers to the innocent people trapped in the chaos

Author — Devonte Sanders


This will teach the Kurds to never to trust the US again.

Author — Cosmoevents21st


So sad to see the US abandon the Kurds.

Author — Brian axb


Well now that Russia is on the table good luck with cleaning up this big mess



We retreated, and Russia moved right on in, huh.. Almost like a theatre play

Author — The Nobody Project


Hillary Clinton caused this during the Obama administration, don't forget to thank her

Author — Randy Hutchinson


Why doesn't the media tell the truth we lost the war and the Pentagon has be planning to with draw for month's if not longer.

Author — Damon Beasley


I guess since turkey got s400, they don't care what NATO n US say anymore because they are with russia now😠

Author — Kathy Wedzik


The US military is being led by an inefficient WH.

Author — sharon nagle


Still waiting on that legal Declaration of war from congress. Sure looks like we were already fighting one.

Author — Robert Mullis


I was the most avid Trump supporter until we absolutely and completely abandoned the like the 10th time. Did not think that Trump would have done this like past administrations but I guess they are all the same.

Author — Bill Bates


Turkey have border with Syria amost 1000 km. Distance between Syria and USA about 12000 km. (Turkey home for about 4000.000 Syrian USA No idea 💡)

Author — Halil Yılmaz


Wow The Kurds are Weak we pull like 50 troops out and they already get sacked.

Author — Warrior Cat Fan #1


we appreciate Turkish leader Allah bless u keep it up

Author — ذرا یاد کر


The biggest crime we committed was leaving a perfectly good football behind.

Author — Robert G


I've seen a lot of people arguing back in forth about the fault of the different administrations here in the states, but I honestly believe it doesn't matter who you elect, the real people with the power are behind the scenes, we just elect a figure head.

Author — King A


And my family members are one of the people who are leaving Syria

Author — •Karim YMN02•


We need Mrs America. Contestants to remind us all that we need WORLD PEACE

Author — Gerald Montoya