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Growing Up in South Africa - Between the Scenes | The Daily Show 5

From his favorite toy to the first joke he ever heard, Trevor tells the audience anecdotes about his family and growing up in Soweto, South Africa. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #BetweenTheScenes

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“You can have a black chocolate, you can have a white chocolate, you can have a milk chocolate but it’s all nestle!” — All the same 🥺❤️

Author — Nicole Rungo


I am in South Africa now and kids are playing with bricks as I am typing this, they have toy cars but the brick are just different man

Author — Bubele Rasmeni


trevor’s mom has won in life with this man.

Author — tasnim h


A face brick is better than a toy car, lets be honest South Africans. Be honest

Author — Lesego


When Trevor’s younger brother is smarter than the US president

Author — Lola Salas


Listening to Trevor talk of "wanting to buy food whenever I want." Boy that struck home, I grew up on a Reservation ( if your not from the U.S. it's a place where they put the native peoples "Indians" they called us) Food was an issue, I recall eating pancakes one day for all three meals. So growing up all I wanted was to eat when I want to eat. I know exactly how he feels cuz that was me.

Author — Reason1717


I love that Teddy never snitched on him.

Author — Quyen Truong


This is why the chose him. He made the show global and it transcends race.

Author — J.B.


"There are children starving in Africa" "WE are starving in Africa!!!" that hurt a little, I love Trevor's mom and I don't even know her!!!! Lol

Author — Cyoongi2018


Trevor is one of those guys who would talk for hours, n you wouldn't even get bored.

Author — Mekdem Kizzy


When you‘re half African and half Swiss and have two fully African half brothers and finally feel represented🥺😍

Author — Malaika Naomi


“You strike a woman you strike a rock” we need to be teaching our young people this

Author — Taylor Strange


Trevor is such a great storyteller with such great stories to tell. He's a window into another culture.

Author — Anne Marie


Ok. I'm a South Korean trying to improve my English watching American late night shows. And I'm so happy that I can enjoy Trevor now that I get his accent. I used to only watch Jimmy Kimmel because his jokes are not that difficult and he speaks clearly. And then I could watch Jimmy Fallon soon after because he's got lots of easy to follow formats on his show though he kind of murmurs quite a bit. Then soon after I was fine with Stephen Colbert & Seth Meyers along with Conan O'brien & John Oliver, at about the same time range, but consecutively. These four took me some time binge watching all the episodes! (Esp. LWT, they're so informative and funny, too!) Then now, Trevor Noah. I used to wish I could watch Trevor comfortably because so many people seem to enjoy him but I couldn't because I'm not a native at English. And here I am, I'm so happy! So I'm just throwing this here. Thanks for the great show Trevor!

Author — Toreta !


6:38 YES! Food fights are the most obscene thing in American films. It has always infuriated me! Mamma Trevor is right

Author — susanne anique


I am a Nigerian in Nigeria and playing with bricks, sticks, rubber band, tyres were my best toys growing up.

Author — Michael Oziegbe Ikhariale


i grew up in Sudan poor, but not that poor like trevor, i'm really impressed that he joke about it!! this man really had a good heart and raised well!!
sorry about the bad language ..

Author — mustafa ahmed


Seeing Trevor's story about bricks brought back memories from my childhood. At age 8, growing up in a small village in northern Sweden, the coolest thing to do during school breaks was breaking and milling bricks to create powder and then mixing the powder with water to "paint" the stone wall beside the school. The bricks were mostly small pieces of roofing tiles, and the teachers understood the fun we had since they had done similar things when they were kids. This was in the late 1980's, before the era of video games and computers. Also, South Africa and Sweden may be half a world apart and an extremely different environments to grow up in. But the ability of children to play with whatever "toys" we could find is the same all over the world, and kids up here are still playing with bricks to this date.

Author — Andreas Viklund


That person who laughed when he said his ambition as a child was to be able to buy as much food as he wanted obviously has never been poor. There are unimaginable amounts of people that are in that position every single day.

Author — Brianne B


When Trevor makes a baby/child voice it’s the cutest thing

Author — Seseblue Seseblue