Paper Mario for Pros (Pro Mode) Lava Piranha / Kent C. Koopa / Start Chapter 6

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Played on Mupen64plus (Using Bizhawk).

What is Pro Mode? tl;dr it's Hard Mode for Paper Mario. I'm doing a regular run through with no restrictions. Join me in seeing how much tougher the game is when enemies do more damage and the game expects proficient guarding skills.

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I really hope in later updates they increase the level cap and stat cap for this mod. 30 BP is way too low, especially since some of the really good badges are really expensive in BP.

Author — turner148


Hey, Milesluigi, I have a question: Will you do the Luigi's Challenge of this game?

Author — MrLisreal


I'm odd then I upgrade goombro sence he's on par with Mario each time with out attack badges or tricks plus might as well us him then either bombette or watt lol the turtle's are last

Author — yvsl


Man, having bombette nerfed like that is sad

Author — Adam Kratos


44:30 ok, I don't know why higsby thought that way when two discussions were going on at once
45:30 That was the point of the joke, i was curious on Miles favorite ace attorney character and if his favorite had an opinion on the dilemma. I do watch a lot of the games but most of what I watch is the later games but I do watch some of the early cases as well, in fact I spent most of last watching some of my favorite duel destinies cases just to see Athena in action.

Author — theyankeegal13


That was indeed a good explanation, although at times it did feel a little long-winded, but maybe that's just because I already knew about everything he brought up.

I don't think Spiked Paragoombas are too annoying (though the fact that they force you to use Hammer Throw or items is bad game design) since they only do the damage of the equivalent normal Paragoomba.

28:32 I'm pretty sure you can't get a game over in the overworld in this game. Unlike Color Splash (angry face), which will kill you for the stupidest reasons, I don't remember Sticker Star killing you outside of battle (but SS isn't exactly memorable), and while a thing i Super Paper Mario you had to beg for it to actually happen. I guess TTYD will kill you, but things only do 1 damage there.

Maybe the volcano enemies have a resistance to fire and explosion damage? Weird. But the other bomb moves still do what you'd expect. I guess mega bomb is useless now, especially since I can't remember any flying enemies having a notable weakness to explosions. Go Tidal Wave? It seemed unchanged.

50:57 I would guess the reason Lava Piranha still had defense was because the small ones were just stunned, not actually dead.

While more difficult because of damage and HP, there isn't really anything else to say about Kent C. Koopa.

1:50:30 I think it's the same with Project 64, I couldn't find my save files nor my save state files, IIRC.

1:51:59 5 damage? Ewwww. They nerfed the partner that was already the weakest.

2:12:30 Not this again. You should just tattle and run. I think running from Amazy Dayzees is easy, since their "run" stat is very low, 6, the same as a normal Goomba. But I don't actually know how the run mechanic works.

That was not very many Star Points, what a shame. Making grinding take longer doesn't magically make your game better. *sigh*

Anyway, I've also been playing Sonic Mania, and it's great! Some people insist that it's "perfect", which I very much disagree with, but I do think it's a very good and interesting game. Great stream! I'm looking forward to the next one!

Author — Lord Ruby


Owen Wilson Muppet baby: "I just have a way with explanations".

Author — Stephen Filer


Wayoshi's mic always sounds low compared to the others in the voice chat...

Author — GreatEmerald


Sorry Miles, I thought you streamed sonic mania earlier that day and didn't tell us, how far are you in the game btw. I asked about it last night and you never answered.

Author — theyankeegal13


Weeee! From hostile volcanoes to a happy happy flowerland! What surprises does Pro Mode store here?

Author — Wilson Nascimento


that marquee is very annoying, but happy to see the next part uploaded!

Author — jason


If I were to compare Master 3 without spoiling too much, it is almost exactly like fighting Sans in Undertale without the bullet hell and the cringeworthy jokes... and the cancerous fanbase.

Author — ThePsychoDog



Author — CybeastID


Ok I just notice something, when you have bow out, it looks like she has a tail and her tail is supposed to do something, also 46:40 who was that talking was that wayoshi, and I'm sorry for bringing up the ace attorney joke, I do enjoy a lot of cases on here and plan to get the games since I've shown some curiosity for the series, I do find the ladder vs stepladder joke appealing. I'm curious Miles since you mentioned being into the series in a few videos, I forgot to ask who is your favorite character in the series, I like they added Athena into the last two games.

Author — theyankeegal13


Dude! That guy just talks right through everyone! It's rather obnoxious.

Oh wait, that's everyone lol.

Author — Tyler Mabry


I hope the next patch for this game pictures moves like power bounce and Mega Bomb so they do damage like they're supposed to.

Author — BlitzkriegOmega


Was that last person who joined you, a dude or a chick? His/her voice made it confusing.

Author — 03bgood


Tell me, what do you feel about you have a lot of time in youtube and you have just 7k suscribers and 1k views for video? Lol

Author — Jorge Flores