How Did The Bismarck Manage To Sink HMS Hood So Quickly? | History Documentary | Reel Truth History

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On 24th May 1941 at 05:52 the pride of the British fleet , HMS Hood, engaged the mighty German ship Bismarck in battle. At 06:00 the Hood was hit and it sunk in less than 3 minutes. Only 3 of her 1418 crew survived – the single biggest loss of life in a single engagement in the history of the Royal Navy but why this 860 feet long ship sank so quickly has been a mystery for over 70 years. Now, the team that discovered the giant wreck eleven years ago is on its way back to finally find the answer.

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My dad was forward range finder on heavy cruiser KMS Prinz Eugen main guns. I am incredibly proud about him. He passed away in May in 2005. I would like to honor both nations sailors, who gave their lives to serve their nation. Their bravery and sacrifice is unforgotten. They may all RIP.

Author — Perkunas


Love it when a documentary tells me they have proven something, without proving it to me. Quality work.

Author — Ricardo Bimblesticks


Un excelente documental, muy bien trabajado. Mi enhorabuena por tan excelente trabajo. El HMS Hood participó en el comité de vigilancia del llamado Acuerdos de no intervención en la Guerra de España (36-39) que en la práctica supuso la "intervención" en contra de la República Española. El HMS Hood entró en Barcelona y recibió a bordo a las autoridades del gobierno republicano español como cortesía a la invitación a sus oficiales; todo muy diplomático y correcto pero en un marco dramático. Mi abuelo materno que era un oficial de comunicaciones vio el Hood en su estancia en Barcelona y recordaba su impresión ante lo enorme y hermoso que era. Y también el triste papel que jugó la Armada Británica al favorecer la victoria fascista en 36-39. El documental me parece excelente. Un digno homenaje a los marinos que lucharon finalmente por la libertad de todos.

Author — Pedro Alberto García Bilbao


Holland did nothing wrong, he was quickly entering his immunity zone. A very lucky shot for Bismarck was beyond his control. Churchill once said "we are fighting this war with the ships of the last". This was the case with Hood, her armour distribution was not designed with plunging gunfire as a primary risk. The later KGV class had a 6" armored deck and was very well protected, the Hood was optimised for near horizontal gunfire at shorter ranges common to her era. Another issue was British cordite, known to be unstable compared to say USN cordite which was more stable. Anyways I'm glad Holland was vindicated, he did what was required of him to the letter, if the Hood had survived another 30 seconds the outcome of the battle could have been very different. Those that harp on about HMS Prince of Wales poor effort need to realise she was fresh out of the builders yard and even had civilian contractors aboard, she was in no way ready for battle and problems with her main caliber guns and turrets had only just come to light, largely as a result of this action. By the later years of the war these had all been rectified, illustrated by HMS Duke of York's creditable gunnery performance against Scharnhorst at the battle of the North cape.

Author — k2apache60


I love how there was absolutely no mystery going into this expedition about how the ship sank but the documentary makes it seem like it was more then a rich guy who wanted to use his underwater toys and fetch a bell

Author — dan7554


That story told by Mr. Briggs about his Captain’a composure, from calm and confidence 17:00 - to - 17:20 is in accordance to the highest values of not only the Royal Navy but military service generally.

I stand and salute. !

Author — WorshipinIdols


You gotta give credit to the Bismarck’s gunnery crew, during the opening salvo that Bismarck fired at the Hood, The concussive blast from her forward gun turrets took out her forward fire control radar. This meant that for the rest of the battle, the Bismarck was essentially shooting blind with half of her guns, while using Prince Eugen as a radar post.

Author — Soarin Skies


The Bismarcks gunners were not only some of the best but also the range finder was just incredible

Author — steve lenox


The KMS Bismarck's strike on the HMS Hood was the golden BB. Combination of lucky gunnery, German Long Range Cannon works, and the inherent weaknesses of Heavy Captial Ship Design.

War knows no nation. May both their crews rest in peace.

Author — Dragonx0562


From the mist, a shape, a ship, is taking form
And the silence of the sea is about to drift into a storm
Sign of power, show of force
Raise the anchor, battleship's plotting its course

Pride of a nation, a beast made of steel
Bismarck in motion, king of the ocean

Author — Alex S


I went to school with a lad whos grandfather on his mothers side was one of the 3 who survived. His account was a gripping tale of deafening sound and cold, cold, cold. What a terrible loss of life!

Author — Andrew Goatley


The Kriegsmarine had excellent battleships, but it just had too few of them to fight effectively as part of a fleet. Each one was pretty much on its own.

Author — MrSonofsonof


I have always been fascinated by this piece of history. Actually from the moment I saw the National Geographic documentary about The Bismarck by Robert Ballard.
This is also a beautiful documentary! I only don't like there not being credits at the end of the documentary. For example, the narrator clearly is Jim Carter. Beautiful speaking voice! Why no credits for him?

Author — Frank van Doorn


It's no mystery. A battlecruiser is not designed to take a hit from a battleship gun. It lacks the armor for that. It is like a boxer with a glass jaw. British battle cruisers blew up the same way at Jutland in 1916. It is amazing that the British didn't learn from that. Battle cruisers were designed to catch and destroy cruisers and outrun battleships. Their speed was meant to be their armor.

Author — castlerock58


I remember reading that Jon Pertwee aka "Doctor Who" once served on HMS Hood, as a young rating from early 1940 to early 41...An excellent documentary, respectfully handled, great to see a very wealthy man funding such a worthwhile endeavor.

Author — frogstamper


When a battleship blows up it's actually a lucky or unlucky shot. It's into a magazine under a turret. The IJN had one at Pearl Harbor (Arizona), Germany with the Hood and the USN with the Yamato, among others.

Author — Ernest Imken


Very poignant. The husband of one my mum's school chums and workmate was lost with the Hood. RIP to all the poor lads who perished.

Author — Rich Bryce


We must remember, that the crews of both ships could well have been friends, except for the madman that made them fight each other. They had a bond, the same that airmen had between themselves. They all respected each other, but orders were orders.

Author — Ricky Donut RM31


I'm sorry I am failing to see how this is a question that needed a documentary and search of the wreck to answer. Is it not extremely obvious that a magazine exploded, and the reason was because of plunging fire from the Bismarck? A magazine explosion will literally rip a hole in the ship or split it in half. That's why it sank so quickly. I think it's also a little disingenuous to say that the Bismarck got "lucky." Bismarck (a battleship) engaged Hood (a battlecruiser) at what, 14 miles? The shells plunge at that distance, coming in at angles that are incredibly steep. The gunnery from Bismarck was accurate, and punched through Hood's very weakly armored deck and detonated a magazine. Doesn't seem too lucky to me.

Author — TheKoolaidman371


Several of those shots were of hms repulse, a similar type battlecruiser laid down at exactly the same time, but with only three dual 15 inch turrets and much less armor. Not to mention a different deck arrangement. Another shot is of I think the uss texas, or some early super dreadnought battleship with two forward and two aft dual turrets plus an extra midships turret, definition not hood.

Author — Nathan Lee-Peterson