What If Antarctica’s Dormant Volcanoes Woke Up?

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What If Antarctica’s Dormant Volcanoes Woke Up? 5

Deep beneath the thick layer of million-year-old ice, something is lurking quietly, waiting to rip through the rigid ice sheets.This enormous icy wasteland is sitting on top of a volcanic ridge. And in our hypothetical world, these volcanoes are about to wake up. Could their scorching lava wipe out the surface of Earth? Or would the thick Antarctic ice stop the lava before it makes our planet uninhabitable?

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Is it just me, or is this the first time I'm hearing about Antarctic volcanoes??

Author — Mr. Nobody


Random fact: The world’s largest desert is in Antarctica. Remember, a desert is a place that receives little precipitation, it doesn't necessarily have to be hot!

Author — SciFacts


*Volcano erupts!*
My Mother: It's all because of that damn phone!

Author — Slicky Saturn


*Volcanoes in Antarctica erupts*
Katy Perry: _"Cause you're hot then you're cold, You're yes then you're no"_

Author — Just A Dio Who's A Hero For Fun


Global Warming: ‘I’m going to melt the ice in antartica
The volcanoes: ‘Allow us to introduce ourselves’

Author — keithruane


Me having a career deciding exam tomorrow.
Also me: Yeah let's watch this.

Author — Utkarsh Verma


*I love how he always comforts and tells us that nothing like that is going to happen anytime soon in all of the videos*

Author — Antra G


What if: Uploads.
*I'm sure we'll all die*

Author — Bishwoj Nepal


Antartica: *has 138 volcanoes
Indonesia: finally a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary!

Author — Ifandika Rafik


What if:what if antartic volcano erupted

Me :when did Antarctica have volcanos

Author — Tubercrazy


What if : what if Antarctica's dormant volcanoes woke up
Antarctica's volcanoes : seriously, we are not in mood of disturbing our long sleep

Author — Aman Tripathi


Ice: melts and floods the world
The volcanos: this is just the start

Author — Dick Long


Hey you, yes you, whatever you are going through if its depression, anxiety, trust issues, things will get better don't let nobody tell you what you can and can't do if your dream is to become the president do it if your dream is to become a teacher go for it, if you wanna play any professional sport work hard and keep grinding if you wanna become an astronaut that's amazing you will find new discoveries 😁! This life is to short, so make your dreams COME TRUE! YOU GOT THIS!

Author — Lock#20 Down#72


_"We all die"_
Just saved you 7 and half minutes 😎✌🏾

Author — Chinedu Opara


Us: no one lives in Antarctica!

Antarctica: yah. But i could kill y’all!

Author — Patrick Star


Global warming:" I'm gonna melt the icebergs by the year 2060"

Volcanoes:" we're about to end this mans whole career.."

Author — Mr. Noice


This is what Happens if my mother wakes ups and catches me playing cod at 3 am lol

Author — Symbole


Who else have been a true fan "What If" before 2020 ?

Author — Maths with Muneer


Going to Antarctica is quite chill, until lava starts appearing, then it starts becoming hot. Making me run and sweat afterwards

Author — OwO


"What if Antarctica's Dormant Volcanoes Woke Up?"

*Night King:* I fear no man...but that thing...it scares me

Author — Duchi