Trump calls Trudeau 'two-faced' after video appears to show him being mocked

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Trump calls Trudeau 'two-faced' after video appears to show him being mocked 5
President Trump responds to surfaced video from the NATO summit that appears to show Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron laughing about him. #FoxNews

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Trudeau is a man who will say anything in front of you that makes you believe hes on your side. When Trudeau is not with you and alone. He will throw you under the bus. Trudeau has done this to so many Canadian Politicians too. Difference here is, Trump will call you out on it unlike our heartless Canadian govt.

Author — Nagato Sarutobi


I can honestly say that I am ashamed to be Canadian. I can't believe we re-elected that loser Trudeau. Makes me sick.

Author — Cariboo Trails


Love Trump more everyday.Straight talk, no bull🇺🇲🇺🇲💥💥👍👍

Author — Carol Sceniak


"The world is laughing at us, people. Believe me, they're laughing."

Well, at least he got one thing right.

Author — Brian Sager


Two faces----> this is literally correct lol ☻

Author — BASED ᛋᛋ


As a proud Canadian, I apologize for our absolute embarrassment of a prime minister.

Author — Matt P


"The world was laughing at us. They're not laughing anymore."


Author — Jason Amrhein


He is two faced: one white and the other black.

Author — 666sigma


“The whole world is laughing at us. Not anymore.”-Trump. 😂😂that didn’t age well

Author — Raheem Johnson


Keep calling him out. Thank you sure 🙏

Author — Rylan Rougeau


Not only is Trudeau two-faced, he's anti Canada.

Author — Randy Sandberg


*Justin **_"Black Face"_** **_"Two Faced"_** Trudeau, really building quite the horrible reputation this so-called Canadian PM*

Author — Roman Hoax


Trudeau is much worse then two faced, he makes me embarrassed to be a Canadian.

Author — Steven Borg


Uh~ Some one give this baby a boo-boo !

Author — 余紹漢


Almost feel sorry for the people who had to accompany him back to the States on Air Force One. Awesome!

Author — Speedy Gonzales


canada creates its own mess, canada elected him-- god I find that hard to believe

Author — david keith


Need to find out who purchased voting machines for Canada.

Author — slow ride en


Daddy Trump. Dishing out spankings for the benefit of all of us.

Author — Joy Luck


Hey its like locker room talk. Ask lying Spanky Bone Spurs about that.

Author — Bruce


cowardly leaders talking Shi” behind someone’s back....Chicken shi”ts....

Author — Gfamz Outdoors