How to Care for Oncidium Orchids - Watering, Repotting, Reblooming & more! Orchid Care for Beginners

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

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Oncidiums are very popular in flower shops and garden centers, alongside Phalaenopsis! So let's get to know them better, by knowing how they grow, how they bloom and what conditions they like best!

Oncidiums and related genera and hybrids can be found under different names, such as: Cambria, Aliceara, Oncidopsis, Miltonia, Miltoniopsis, Odontoglossum and more!

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💬 Comments

Thank you so much for this video. Being a beginner, it had enlightened me on the proper care of Oncidiums. I had also learned the different varieties of Oncidiums. I can feel your passion in caring for orchids.

Author — Helen Diamante


Thank you for this information! I especially liked how you compared the lighting/humidity to Phals. That helps a lot. I know what works with my Phals, now I can adjust for my Oncidiums. Looking forward to this type of video but for other types of orchids (vanda, cattleya..)

Author — Caro M.


THANK YOU! I purchased my first ever oncidium today and this video is PERFECT!

Author — GrowingGreen


Thank you for all the great information. I haven’t checked, but do you have videos on raising seedlings? Proper watering, feeding, lighting. Just received 6 new kids and want to make sure they grow big and healthy.
Thank you again for all the information.

Author — Javier Jimenez


Hi Danny, Oncidums are my favorite next to the Phals! I currently have the Twinkle Yellow Bird in bloom, Miltonia Kismet Kind Kai and Lavender Kiss, Lavender Taffy. I Love These girls . Thank You for these tutorials, learning so much. And a special thank you for your acknowledgement to me. Happy growing.

Author — Wanda Shaw


Wow- what gorgeous orchids! If I end up being able to keep my phal alive i'll definitely be on the lookout for an oncidium!

Author — Madi Langlois


"And as you can see, my orchid in this potting mix has done very well." 20:40 To viewers who are beginners, it is better to start with a mix that is too large and need to water more frequently than to use one that is too small and does not dry quick enough. In home growing conditions for Oncidiums, this small Orchiata mix will likely retain too much moisture if you drench the medium at each watering.

Author — Kevin S


I'm so thankful to you for this tutorial ❤. I've had an oncidium for nearly 3 yrs, but have had no flowers after the initial bloom. I now know what needs to be done. 🤩

Author — Washiela Ratcliffe


Thanks for this! One last question: I have an onchidium alliance that is launching itself up and out of the pot with new growth. When repotting do I put the bulbs over the medium or can they go under a little so the new growths don’t sit far above the medium?

Author — BlaisZeroni


Excellent informational video on oncidiums and their relatives! Thank you. This is timely for me as I am considering adding one to my collection.

Author — James Gibbs


thank you so much for this, i was donated two large clumps, was clueless the plants were taken out of their nursery pot and stuck in soil, roots didn't move, wrapped and died, leaves were kinky, but new roots at the base were all over, trying to cry out. i took what you said and did a total remake over. Feels good to see what blooms, it will be my first orchid to bloom.... so thank you for your very precise directions on finding out what roots are dead and seeing the new roots and the peroxide bath. i think of homeless people who are dreadlocks, filthy and go get a total makeover and come out as prince charming....

Author — Leaf Frog


Thank you so much for this wonderful video! New to oncidium and your videos always help, especially this 30 min one! 😍

Author — Kate M


I love your videos! So easy to understand and I like that you suggested different options! I have you and Brad to thank for the health of my collection!

Author — Jennifer Atkins


Most excellent video for sure. I have, had, may still have, an Oncidium. Could never get the wrinkles out. Only watered once a week, humidity in house 77, ambient temperature 78- 80 F, plenty of light. Beyond me what I'm doing wrong. My other orchids, all phelanopis, are doing fine. I can't win. This one has me beat.

Author — Hello Sunshine


Love oncidium-type orchids! Thanks for all the helpful info!

Author — Carmela's Garden


Just ordered my 1st Oncidium, the Lava Burst, because I keep seeing it in your videos and love it every time. This was a great pre-arrival video as I've only had Phals until now. I'm so excited! Wish me luck!

Author — Amy Forsch


Thank you for this video !
I just bought a /beautiful/ specimen Colmanara (Oncostele) Catatante Pacific Sun Spots orchid at work yesterday. Aside from a small, currently unidentifiable [possibly miltoniopsis?] Orchid, this is really my first big shot Oncidium, and I'm excited to take good care of it !

It has 5 flower spikes at varying stages of growth; and it's taking up all of the pot currently, so I'll be repotting when the flowers have had their time to shine. Until then, I'm wondering if I should fertilize at all while the flowers are still here, and if so if I should keep to quarter the recommended strength of my liquid fertilizer? It's just such a monstrous orchid, I'm not sure if I'll starve it if I don't fertilize once/twice a month while it's flowering.

In an old video you mentioned how hardy this rusty flowered hybrid is though- I know I'll be able to take good care of it! I'm so happy to have found it for a few dollars under $15 at Trader Joe's.

Author — Anton Stroms


Ontario Canada
Hi Dani....
Great videos. Very informative.
I recently acquired an Oncidium Yuan Gold Orchid with an 18” spike. The orchid was planted in a 6” black pot with one centimetre slots at the base and no holes at the bottom. The media consists of sphagnum moss and bark and the orchid’s pseudo bulbs are buried at least half way in the media. There are 2 large pseudo bulbs that are fleshy and firm with tall green leaves. The base of the bulbs are about 2” from the bottom of the pot and it smelled very earthy when I removed quite a bit of the media to see how deep the bulbs were buried. I’m worried that the bulbs may rot. Do I leave the Orchid the way I received it? Do I raise the bulbs out of the media? Will the spike survive? The spike also has droplets of sap on it which I presume is also called happy sap. I’m hoping the Orchid is happy.😄
I need your advice on what to do.

Author — Ontario Canada


Intensely informative video! I am so ready for more oncidiums. 😀 thank you Danni

Author — Cheery Orchids


Thank you for the info on the care of Oncidiums. I like checking in from time to time just to make sure I am doing something right.

Author — K P