Nyjah Huston's STRANGE Technique For FRONT CROOKS

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  • ℹ️ Published 11 months ago

Nyjah Huston's Front Crook technique is to setup like a kickflip first then nyjah huston shifts his front foot into the corner of his nose to lock into the front crooks with his toes hanging off. To me Nyjah Huston's Front Crook technique is bizarre and I understand Nyjah Huston's front crooks are amazing but this technique did not work for me. I'm sorry I couldn't land one for you guys but Nyjah Huston's front crook foot placement is truly awkward! Maybe it'll work for you but I gave Nyjah Huston's front crook technique a fair shot and I'm over it haha.

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I just want to thank you Joe for this . I’ve been struggling with this trick for a month now . THANK YOU BRO! 🐐✅

Author — AJ LAVELL


Nyah is used to skating really good as a little kid. A lot of his techniques stem from that mind set. Thanks for making this video bro you’ll get it next time!



I hope you make Frankenstein-Trick Videos in the future, where you combine techniques and foot positions from different skaters after you've tried a few for the same trick and see what works best for you :)

Author — PNKS! miGGE


Hey fam i appreciate your videos and the time u take to share your love for skateboard.
I'm 29 and i just got back skating after 15 years so your videos are real help for me !!
Keep going the good work, big shout out from Paris fam, hope one day we can have a sesh !!

Author — Romuald Kepeden


Love your videos. Keep up the good work, it's inspiring ...

Author — Pandore Pew Pew


With people like Ishod, Malto and Jamie foy I’m surprised that you picked nyjah for front crooks. Great video none the less

Author — jetwork131


I wonder if his shoes make it easier for him, since his shoes aren’t super grippy and can move them easier, I’ve been struggling to learn this trick as well

Author — TresForDays


Heck of a battle.
We all have to find out own way sometimes.
Appreciate the honesty of the video.
Stay Rad

Author — Adventures in Skateboarding At 40 Plus


I can switch front crook almost every try. I can go full speed and KNOW that I’m atleast gonna lock-in to one. But I can’t do normal front crook at all. They’re so inconsistent, I’ll either get into front nose, slip out, fall into front board. It’s terrifying. I just can’t aim my truck on the ledge the same way that I can going switch. I’ve just pretty much accepted that front crook is a switch-exclusive trick for me lol

Author — moldyrefrigerator


oh man I want better one's so bad. There's a few clips in my vids doing them on the end of the ledge but I can't figure out how to hold them :/

Author — Adolla


Maybe if you try to keep you’re shoulders parallel to the curb it maybe helps

Author — Melle Nusman


Can we get a hardflip breakdown by either Daniel LeBron, Kelly Hart or Wade Desamo?

Author — Skate Boarding


"Oh Shizza!" Hahaha favorite moment made me think of high school, all the Mormon swears I heard 🤣

Author — Tyler Poulsen


Really cool park.. can I have the location??

Author — chris karagiannidis


Wait was this a german „Scheiße“ 🤣🤣🤣🤣 8:27

Author — XxAlex xX