'Happy Holidays from Channel 5' classic KSDK holiday promo: FULL VERSION

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

This is the full version of KSDK's original holiday promo, "Happy Holidays from Channel 5." The holiday tune starts with "Old Man Winter's back around." This aired in the late 80s to early 90s.

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That's my wife's handwriting of "Happy Holidays" at the end- she was a graphic designer there from 1980-93.

Author — Dan Dillon


It is crazy how little things like this can bring back so many memories and feelings. Thanks so much for uploading this. I remember this from when I was just a little child in the very early 90s and i have always remembered it fondly since. About 12 years ago or so you guys brought the song back for the holiday season and I remember being so excited. Im happy to know that now I can listen whenever I want. ❤️🎄.

Author — Shannon Staley


I always think of this video around the holidays. It reminds me of my childhood!! I’m so happy I found this

Author — GodisLove


I still remember this Channel 5 holiday greeting song from when I was in kindergarten in 1991.

Author — Evan Halsey


You brought the song back!! After many years it's finally back! Thank you KSDK! I heard it this morning while getting ready for work! It's a St. Louis tradition! I got tears in my eyes! The best thing in 2020! Thank you so MUCH!

Author — StLMoWeathershare


loved this! Lots have changed in people's lives since then. Thanks for the memories.

Author — Jan Rubelmann


OMG...I remember this...I was an intern then! GREAT memories!

Author — Keith R


I don’t remember if this was an actual song they made up or not but I never could find it on its own. Great song

Author — The Free Will Minister


Awe thank you guys so much. I was looking for this song for years and finally found it! I remember listening to this song in the morning getting ready for school. Brings back good memories

Author — Jessica Biggs


Omg this brings backs so many pleasant memories. Holidays, love, family, Our City. Hearing this is like a hug 🤗.

Author — Lalamoetot lovelife


I love this long version Christmas commercial jingle! Glad to see that Channel 5 brought it back for another year in 2021, although it's just graphics but no current news people.

Author — Jayne Sawyer


The song is "Christmas Time Again" by Jolly Demis (adapted slightly for news stations). Had very fond memories of this during my childhood and hunted it down a few years ago. Happy Holidays!

Author — skourgey


I remember that ad! That's the first time I've seen Bob Richards since the night it all went down!

Author — Jay Hemp


This is my favorite Christmas song....

Author — Pam Barciszewski


Fox 10 KSAZ in Phoenix, Arizona has been using this Happy Holidays song since the early 90's when they used to be a CBS affiliate back then. And they still use it after all these years!

Author — Ricky Salazar