Why was Classic WoW Shadowfang Keep so Good?

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As you can probably now tell, we really love this Dungeon. The quests, the lore, the architecture, the ambiance, all come together to make Classic SFK one of a kind. How do you feel about Classic SFK?

Author — Defcamp & Melderon TV


I love how the Pyrewood villagers turn into humans during the day and Worgen during the night. It adds a lot to the feel. :)

Author — TheExcessus


SFK was the very first dungeon I did in 2005. I was a troll mage back then and I remember those 2 people from my guild who talked me into this for like 15 minutes because of that sweet decurse ability. 45 minutes later they managed to guide me to the entrance portal just to find out another 20 minutes later that I didn't buy the decurse skill. Ah, the good ol' days.

Author — Hugh Jazz


There were several reasons to adore SFK farming:
1. The dungeon had a ton of bosses. This meant that you could gear up in a hurry by running through this dungeon and the consistancy with which they dropped some of the gear made it super reliable; that first boss dropped a set of leather shoulders that gave out a +8 to agility and could be equipped by folks who were level 18 and as such just about everyone grabbed them since that was a solid bonus for anyone.
2. Plentiful greens. Maybe it was the plethora of adds or just something about the dungeon, but this place seemed to drop a lot of greens. Now granted, randomly generated loot is sketchy, but it also means you could snag some odds and ends to help gear up, sell them on AH or DE them if you were an enchanter.
3. Skinners paradise. Prior to Cataclysm, worgen were skinnable and that meant that half the adds in the dungeon would provide light, medium and occasionally even heavy leather; I was able to grind my ass to 200 skinning just by farming this place ad nauseum, and I have fond memories of my paladin farming this place in my late twenties for stacks of leather to sell on AH.
4. To the point. Unlike some of the other dungeons in classic, SFK was pretty much one straight line (so people never got lost like in wailing caverns) and could be completed by a semi competent group in about an hour which meant that people could do it 3 or 4 times in an afternoon and that meant that you built frendships and trusts.
5. Forgiving. Also, since the dungeon wasn't really high level a fury warrior could pull on a shield or a shadow priest could try and heal; it wasn't ideal but it was feasible to do if you were careful.

Author — Guitarhaus doesntknowwhatacommunistis


I remember loving this instance so much, every boss and lots of great loot. I was a mage back then and felt really proud i was able to cure curses and keep it going smoothly.

Author — Tim


SFK was a Dungeon masterpiece! it was the first lvl 20+ dungeon i went to back in vanilla, you needed to think and play as a grp about CC's and patroling npcs if not it was a wipe that is what made this the perfect dungeon in my opinion.

i miss the commucation we needed back then to get through the dungeon not like today we just qq up get summoned in then everyone just does random shit until the dungeon is over then they leave in a heartbeat...

Author — LazyTitan


Hey guys, this truly was an excellent video - would love to see you take on the other dungeons in the same fashion!!

Author — Countdown


SFK was for horde like Deadmines was for alliance. Sometimes, you would see the horde doing Deadmines, and sometimes you'd see alliance doing SFK. It was also the first opportunity for pvp servers to have pvpers wiping pvers, before they could go into the two dungeons

Author — Joeykm1972


All these years later, I'm still butthurt about Arugal randomly 1-shotting people with his shadowbolts.

Author — Monti


I was pretty upset when I entered Shadowfang after they changed it. They ruined all the old dungeons in one way or another, either by nurfing enemy damage and abilities, or by making dungeons shorter and cutting off content.

Author — IamNemoN01


I didn't start until Burning Crusade, but SFK was my favorite old-school dungeon. Especially since several classes had class quests to gather materials and items from the Keep to get some class goodies.

Author — Stuart Grosse


I also loved SFK for that classic dungeon crawl feel in a castle. It also reminded me a little of Karnor's Castle in EQ. Another favorite of mine was Dire Maul tribute runs. You needed to be clever to get the most possible loot at the end. Plus Ogres. Always loved ogres.

Author — pirate119


The best thing IMO about classic dungeons is the length. Each felt like a deep delve into a hostile area full of mystery (at least the first time in each). Classic BRD is still my favorite dungeon ever.

Author — Label07


Excellent video guys! I never consciously notice the shifting of ambiance and music in the Dungeon. Its very well done indeed.

Author — Gowtu Games


I used to run this dungeon every day back in BC for a twink item that was BoE called the Assassin’s Blade for my lvl 19 rogue. 😊

Author — Dalton Ventura


SFK, School, and UBRS were the most fun I ever had in dungeons in vanilla, the feel of each dungeon, the mobs, the bosses, and epic feeling when completing it all were so good. Those were the days.

Author — Billy Harris


As an Alliance player, SFK is not a usual haunt. Yes, some take the trek, but this dungeon is usually missed by the Alliance half. I do remember my first time running it though. A real-life friend of mine playing a gnome mage sent me a whisper saying he needed my help. I agreed and set out. I didnt even know where this place was. I just knew Alliance was not welcome there. And the NPCs and players alike let us know. Once in, i was very impressed with the Castlevania-esque feel of the place. Wiped a few times, but we got to the end and slew Arugal.
And incase you were wondering... my mage friend got his robes.

Author — Earlybird Rogue


My favourite thing about SFK as an alliance player was the journey to get there the VERY first time you travel to it. Running from Wetlands through to Silverpine forest and everything that falls inbetween really instills a sense of adventure, this experience in itself is an excellent moment to get to know your group and the world itself. From crossing the bridge to get to Arathi Highlands, and then seeing the great wall and broken portcullis that seperates it from Hillsbrad Foothills. Seeing Durnholde keep as you traverse further, until eventually hitting Silverpine forest where the tone of the world descends into a darkness that is only exhacerbated when you finally reach the dreaded Shadowfang Keep. And that, my friends, is only the beginning. ;) See you in Classic.

Author — Japanese Music


Another wonderful video. Really well done, they storytelling that you are doing in the video really shows how much you have improved at this. I'd rate you one of the best WoW content creators in the world that are currently active.

I really would like to emphasize the fact that you are so good at knowing the game, knowing which items are relevant etc, but also you are able to tie that together with one of the best storytelling experiences available. This combination really makes you such a wonderful blessing for the WoW community. Thank you so much! :)

Author — Linus


My favorite vanilla dungeon is Wailing Caverns. It is one the only noob stories I can remember. Trying to make my way to the instance itself. Getting lost once or twice die to how expansive it once was. *That damn jump, you had to time JUST RIGHT.* i still remind that leatherworking pattern vendor in a hidden cave above the main cavern.

Author — SPHyena