Will It Bagel? Taste Test

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Will It Bagel? Taste Test 5

Today we're testing the limit of what it truly means to be a bagel. GMM #1602

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💬 Comments on the video

Ok that soup bagel might be the greatest GMM creation of all time

Author — Ketchup Overdose


An idea: “the mythical kitchen cook book: the recipes that worked”
Nov.11 -Alright who at GMM can make this happen bc we all wanna see it.

Author — Ariel Sabrina


These guys need to invite Gordon Ramsey on one of these “Will it?” Episodes

Author — Noel Cervantez


Will it tomato... An episode just to see if link enjoys tomatoes with anything

Author — griffin goodman


Josh is seriously good at his job. That soup bagel was everything.

Author — M Elizabeth


Rhett and Link: we'll both have good luck this year
2020: lets talk about that

Author — Nano


I was wondering why this was being recommended in March of 2020, and then the plagel showed up

Author — Elizabeth Jendrzey


Link: “I’d never even heard of a bagel until college”
Me: *Stares in New Jersey*

Author — Devin


Can you please do a will it candy cane around Christmas time and put two flavors into each candy cane. Like maybe a pb and jelly candy cane or a fried chicken and waffle candy cane. Please like if you want to see it.

(Thank you everyone this is the most likes I’ve had)

Author — Tacolover3707


Why does Rhett look like one of the burglars from home alone?😂

Author — Tiffany


When you can eat blood smere and frogs but not tomatoes

Author — Jason92001


When Josh starts his restaurant, I want to put in my application

Author — LySandra Grace


"We're both gunna have good luck!"
"Naw we're both screwed."
Ive never felt that more

Author — Koda jablonski


My rats and I were watching this, and when they were focusing in on the soup bagel, one of my rats turned toward me and started begging for treats. I think he wants a soup bagel.

Author — PixieoftheWood


"Every bagel has a schmear hole" - Rhett 2019


Author — Dead Pool


After SO many years, I just realised that Link would rather eat bugs than tomatoes..

Author — iMeMyself



bagel enthusiasts: ...we normally like salmon.

Author — Damien Botello


"I think we can part the sea of our own self doubt, and trudge forward into swallowing this nasty." - Link 2019

Author — Purple Mask


Josh putting too many "will-it" wins on the board, decided he needed to sand bag the jello bagel with some salmon.

Author — NotedNuance


Please make a bracket of all the foods that "will" throughout every "Will it..." series to find the best "will it food". you can call it "will it win?" or something

Author — Brandon Leynaud