What's behind the decision to revoke the status of Indian administered Kashmir? | Inside Story

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What's behind the decision to revoke the status of Indian administered Kashmir? | Inside Story 2

India's government has moved to scrap parts of the constitution which grant Indian-administered Kashmir significant autonomy.

The disputed territory of Kashmir has been divided between India and Pakistan since their independence from Britain.
Both countries claim it as their own and control parts of it.
Indian-administered Kashmir was granted special autonomy that allowed it to function largely without direct interference from New Delhi.
But that has now changed.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Hindu-nationalist led government has revoked the special status.
And sent additional troops to the area and put the region on lockdown.
It's a move that could have widespread consequences.
So, what's behind this decision? and does it abide by the longstanding consensus over the territory?

Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra


Barkha Dutt - Columnist and Author of 'This Unquiet Land: Stories from India's Fault Lines'.

Mirza Waheed - Kashmiri Journalist, Novelist and Author of 'The Book of Gold Leaves' and 'Tell Her Everything'.

Victoria Schofield - Writer, Historian and South Asia Affairs Analyst. And Author of 'Kashmir in Conflict: India, Pakistan and the Unending War'.

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0:51 QUOTE: 'Both countries claim it as...'...
661-712AD Raja Dahir Sen
964-1001 Jayapala
1000AD - Mount Hindu Kush (Slayer of Hindus) Ibn Batttuta (1334)
1389-1413 Sikandar Butshikan = Forced conversions / temple destruction
1339-1561 Shah Mir dynasty Established Islam in Kashmir
1586 Emperor Akbar's annexation of Kashmir
1989-1990 Exodus of Kashmiri Hindus
1998 Chamba massacre
1998 Wandhama massacre
1998 Chapnari massacre
1998 Prankote massacre
2000 Amarnath pilgrimage massacre
2001 Kishtwar massacre
2002 Qasim Nagar massacre
2002 Raghunath temple attacks
2003 Nadimarg massacre
2006 Doda massacre

Author — Kalki Kalyani


His face looks like paid beggers...who are suffering from lack of money....😂😁😜

Author — Amrit Tewary


"Hindu" Nationalist? The "muslim" fundamentalist "dictatorship" owned Qatari channel talking about India's "unconstitutional" position of Kashmir 🙄

Leftist love the label. Label everything.

Author — Pranit Malik


Irony .... A Middle East channel talking about democracy, Supported by Brits Who have been the root cause for all these.
Talking to Barkha Dutt ... LOL

LOL ...

Author — Pinaki Chakraborty


Dear jammu and ladakh are 65 % of population and 75% of land.. Do u really belive they will keep suffering just for hand full of kashmir politician

Author — RB S. Sakib Mirza


Oh ya, it's Al Jazeera after should I say anything more ? 😂

Author — Akshay M


The report is inaccurate. Kashmir's accession to India was unconditional, contrary to what the report says.

Author — S K


Democracy in Qatar and Barkha speaking for New Delhi, two irony in one video😂😂

Author — Abhishek Aditya


Britain should worry about Brexit and not Kashmir.

Author — yogi infinity


Al-Jazeera always makes sure the Islamist angle is highlighted and projected as the truth.

Author — Lopsided Tyranny


Act 370 is a temporary agreement . Give full information

Author — Captain Jack Sparrow \m/


when Kashmir goes back to historic...dont take 80 years....Take 400 - 800 years back

Author — Kris vel


Kashmir is just 25 % of J&K
. WHY would ladakh and jammu suffers for kashmir...

Author — RB S. Sakib Mirza


Why don't you call 6 one-sided guests then you can make India look twice as bad ! :)

Author — Tuvikshatra Tantrin


These are people who know nothing about the whole story and talk here simple BS

Author — Alur Nataraj


Why is the reporter dancing while reporting the news 😂 😂 5:50

Author — Viplove Maheshwari


Autonomy was not part of acessation. The article is accesation was signed on 27 Oct 1947 and it's wording was same as all other princely states.
The autonomy through Article 370 was granted in 1954 as a special arrangement.

Author — Nitin Bhasin


Inside Story: no democracy in Qatar, will this change?

Author — Ben S


These 4 haven't spent single penny of their livelihood on Kashmiris, instead they have made fortunes by just lamely talking about it. And they want to support any cause. This is the irony.
Kashmiris biggest issue is there is no representation with whom they can trust.
Hope Modi government builds that's bridge through which Kashmiris grow and get better livelihood, like the developing parts of the world.

Author — Lovelifenothate T


Qatar? Doesn't that state qualify as a monarchy, with all men in what is declared to be the women's council?

Author — Deotima Biswas