Harpsichord Baroque Music

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00:00 Sonata for Harpsichord 4 Hands in C Major (Jommelli, Niccolò)
I. Allegro
II. Affettuoso
III. Menuetto

09:15 Duet in C Major, Op. 3, No. 1 (Clementi, Muzio)
I. Allegro spiritoso
II. Rondeau: Presto

19:49 Duet in E-Flat Major, Op. 3, No. 2 (Clementi, Muzio)
I. Allegro maestoso
II. Tempo di minuetto: Andante

30:36 Duet in G Major, Op. 3, No. 3 (Clementi, Muzio)
I. Allegro spiritoso
II. Rondeau: Presto

40:10 12 divertimenti facili e brevi, Op. 18 (Rutini, Giovanni Marco )
No. 1. Il Facile - No. 2. Il Pacifico - No. 3. Il Semplice - No. 4. Il Gioviale
No. 5. Il Buono Umore - No. 6. Il Disinvolto - No. 7. L'Afflitto - No. 8. Balletto
No. 9. Il Contrasto - No. 10. Lo Sprezzante - No. 11. I Quattro Caratteri - No. 12. Finale

52:43 Duo in C Major, Op. 6, No. 1 (Clementi, Muzio)
I. Allegro assai
II. Larghetto con moto
III. Presto

Firrincieli, Alberto
Stefano Tonda, Mario
All Rights Reserved
P + C Tactus Sas Italy
#baroque #harpsichord #classicalmusic

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Author — Classical Tunes


Listening to a harpsichord as summer begins. Delightful. As usual the recording chosen is superb. Thank you.

Author — Nightspore


I’m so happy I found this! I always feel so fancy listening to the harpsichord and listening to baroque music overall😭 it’s my favorite time period within all the musical time periods♥️

Author — chris 12


This kind of music is the best for listening to while I do my schoolwork really makes me productive ✨

Author — hannah


I like rock music on the harpsichord and it's refreshing type music.

Author — Bessie Williams


i love the baroque music and harpsicord, tanks

Author — DG Presser


love this my class is learning about baroque

Author — Aaron Nieves


I liked the 19:49

Thanks :) 💕

Author — Be Q