Trump Spokesperson: So What. They’re Muslim.

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Trump Spokesperson: So What. They’re Muslim. 4

A spokesperson for the Donald Trump campaign recently defended the candidate’s position on banning muslim immigrants. Poorly. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, hosts of the The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"While defending Donald Trump's proposed ban on Muslims visiting the United States during a debate with CNN's S.E. Cupp, Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson dismissed Cupp's assertion that a ban on all Muslims goes too far.

Pierson told CNN that Trump's plan is "nothing new" because U.S. law already prevents individuals from nations hostile to the U.S. from entering the country. Cupp disagreed.

"There really is something new to the idea of banning an entire religious group from entering the country," Cupp said in response. "Peddling this unconservative, un-American, unconstitutional garbage has got to stop.””*


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"So what. They're muslim."
Wow. I mean, wow.
Someone will surely frame this quote and hang it up in the kitchen.

Author — Le Kanraposte


Stuff like this really exposes something about bigots.

They think we all hate the same people they do and are just being polite and nice and "politically correct" and that they are the brave ones who actually say it out loud.

"So what. They are Muslims."

Because deep down she thinks we all actually agree with her.

Author — Patricia Cross


this woman has sold her soul to the devil

Author — taimur74


I'm not religious but how close Trump is to the antichrist makes me reconsider. lol

Author — Charles James


Oh man, there's still an entire year of this left! I don't know if I have enough popcorn for an entire US election cycle.

Author — xithappens


Wow, so this what nazi Germany's looked liked. Wow I thought I would ever see this day RIP America.

Author — Optimus Prime


Don't make me agree with "conservative SE Cupp

Author — DarkLordLink


"'So what. They're Muslim''
I'm gonna make a T-shirt of that.

Author — Sadness is Good


Lol if she was there for damage control, she failed hard.

Author — jlarama x


I love how the lady on the left had to stop herself from laughing at the spokesperson.

Author — That Black Guy Who Loves Cute Shit


She's in the deplorable basket for sure

Author — Billy Bob


This makes me laugh if only we all lived with peace and love

Author — BLT4DAYZ RJ



Author — sluntmania


lmaaaaoooo, she literally said: "so what they're muslim". This Trump thing just feels like a comedy skit.

Author — Inte Garcia


it unsettles me to observe these representatives of the new administration giving such mindless and prejudiced talks in public.

Author — timelessone23


I love how so many Americans are anti-immigration, when this is a nation founded by immigrants.

Author — Anzac-A1


OMG I thought I could make it through the whole clip without laughing but two seconds into the clip I had to pause and just laugh.

Author — Brad McDade


As a Canadian muslim I wouldnt be allowed to come into the US lmao

Author — Daniyal Azhar


"So what. They're Muslim" is probably the most astoundingly stupid statement of any campaign spokesperson ever uttered. Yeah, Trump surrounds himself with competent people, just like he would in office. NOT!

Author — Tawnku Imi-Uru


Watching videos like this completely depresses me, as it reminds me that almost everyone in the world hates one another, regardless of race, religion, belief, or culture. I mean, just what is wrong with all of us?

Author — Date Masamune