How ICE is cracking down on MS-13

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How ICE is cracking down on MS-13 4.5

Federal officials will announce a major breakthrough in the fight against the violent street gang from El Salvador, MS-13. Hundreds of accused gang members and associates are under arrest. Only on "CBS This Morning," Margaret Brennan got rare access to the crackdown led by a unit of ICE known as Homeland Security Investigations.

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This sort of gang activity and violence should not be tolerated in any part of the world.

Author — Sanjuana Gasca


Liberals would be protesting this saying they're peaceful killers seeking asylum.

Author — outdoors life4style


"He's here illegally, that's all?"

Yes. Get them out.

Author — T J


So MS-13 was a huge problem all throughout the Obama years (probably Bush and Clinton as well), and we all wanted them off the streets. But now that Trump's in, they're oppressed immigrants? Nice story CBS. I think not, though.

Author — Derrick Van


Trump is doing all he can to stop this and congress is doing everything they can do to stop is that?

Author — Tewrobert49


being a gang member is not a crime.
guess should be

Author — lifes good


Why arrest em? Just pop em on sight so they won’t be such a problem anymore

Author — Juan Villegas


If your here illegally and are a member of a gang, you should be a priority of ICE .

Author — JohnsRadios


I say round all of them up an see if they can beat North Korea
MS 13 vs North Korea 👍👍👍

Author — Music Collective


Don’t deport them they’ll just come back. Use them as organ donors and bury them end of story.

Author — Rolando Mota


We should send them back in black bags if you know what I mean. We would be doing a great favor to the poeple in El Salvador. Once they are back in their country they will continue to harm innocents with no law enforcement holding them back.

Author — Alfonso perez


I love deportation stories that have a happy ending with illegal aliens being deported from this country. It makes me smile.

Author — Collin Lawrence


Democrats &Libertards won't believe this.

Author — botol kecap


I love how they drew the arrows across the ocean like they floated here, instead of drawing them through Mexico and across the border.

Author — Seth Albert


How much you want to bet that if these people that are against stronger immigration laws never had their family affected by MS-13

Author — Justin


There was a construction
job at the apartment complex
oaktree tree in newark Delaware. And I know these
guys were gangsters. No body did anything. I was in
the service during Vietnam
and I know cowboys when I
see them. Handling them with
kit gloves is a wast. their killers.

Author — John Hearn


"Meaness" hahaha gotta love trump haha go trump

Author —


MS-13 isn't from Salvador, it is manly compose of Salvadorian and surrounding counties but it's origin is from California.

Author — Franklin C


ICE, Please I'm begging you round them all up and ship them back to El Salvador

Author — Rob Miranda


Notice how even when reporting on a lethal, gang, the LIBERAL Reporter manages to throw a slam against the Trump Administration for protecting our country from VIOLENT gangs.

Author — Jack Tarasar