2' Lift on a Jeep Gladiator, Does it Look Good?

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

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💬 Comments

Bronze rims definitely look GREAT. For this customer's work use, the lift is appropriate and not overkill.

Author — Eugene Enslow


Could you go with a 38 inch tire without issues? Really like that new springs are all that are required to add more tire (along with driveline stuff). I've also heard that the 2.5 lifts are usually higher than that with EVO lifts.

Author — AngryIrishman1


Great looking setup, and the wheels really pop!

Author — Les Szabo


Nice build! Im not sure but Jeep says the mopar 2 inch lift can clear 37s with the JT rubicon. Also, I thought the OE axles can handle 37s if you dont wheel too hard.

Author — nitroninetyone


Nice Build! The wheels look good, nice lift height balanced

Author — Jeff Lyon


I like the height of that Gladiator lift. Really made it loo more stout.

Author — Bethany Bryan


Really like the look of 2.5" lifts. I think they're perfect at 2.5" with 37". I got a full Teraflex lift coming for my JL.

Author — Snow Meow Outdoors


Badass build, love the bronze wheels with the red!

Author — Miguel Gonzalez


Did you have to change the front drive shaft to accommodate the added down travel? Thanks and it looks great!

Author — Dan Brown


Looks awesome! I have a red Launch Edition and love my stock black wheels but if I upgrade might go with these wheels.

Author — Mark Gosser


Would this lift work well if I only wanted to use 35 inch tires? What I mean by work well is : look good, maintain a great stock or better than stock daily driver ride? Thanks!

Author — b hbdvm


Would the stock wheels with that tire work good with that kit? Just wondering about the possible backspace differences?

Author — Travel Dog


I like the proportion look to that with 2 inch lift and the 37's. I have a mojave. I'm looking at doing a body lift mainly because the mojave has such a sturdy suspension I hate to downgrade it for a suspension lift. I am a novice so I am wondering am I wrong?

Author — Sam Houston


Wad Up Bubba,
I'm torn between the 4.5 & 6.5 Evo lift kit Overland stage 4 plus with drop brackets. I seen Mel's OG 40 do some impressive stuff with such a high lift. Gladiators have a long wheel base so the higher the better but I'm new to this and I asking the experts from people I trust for there knowledge an experience. My JTR will see NO overlanding loading down the bed with racks & tents unnecessary weight. I will be hitting trail and crawling so I might have to get a custom kit with spring rates that aren't so stiff but I don't know. What are your thoughts? I'm new to the Jeep scene so my skill level is beginner but I will be going balls deep experiencing a new way of life .

Author — TwinZ AmericA


Red with bronze looks bad ass 👍🏻
Good choice on lift .. EVO makes good shit .. not to mention King; those r sick too

Author — Jku Stockaphobia


Hard to make a red Jeep look bad but I like it

Author — Sam c


Can you do a video on the trusses and what will make the Dana 44 near bulletproof?

Author — Leaves the 99


i know this might be a dumb question to some of yall but does adding a truss void your warranty cause im planning to buy one for my dad and weld it in for him as a surprise since hes been talking about it, Also does puting coilovers on the front void your warranty on the gladiator since you have to cut out the stock shock mount, lastly (sorry i just need these questions answered) Does cutting off the sway bar disconnect mounts witch look like tusks void you warranty, Hopefully you can solve my answers cause im wanting to be sure what im gonna do before i do it

Author — That Man D


This is like the dream build for my gladiator

Author — Robert Smith


FnA! Sweet build. Bronze wheels look badass too!