Because He lives I can face tomorrow

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Because He lives I can face tomorrow 4.5
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When I was 13 years old I was shot in the head but I thank God it has already been 26 years that I have been alive. But because he lives my God has open my eyes because I went blind and not only that I could not smell more taste for two years but God did a miracle in my life. That is why I love the song and also, Because He Lives I Can See Tomorrow, Because He Lives On Calvary.

Author — Oscar Nicholas Espinoza Rodriguez Jr


open heartr surgey, high risk. plz pray for me! GOD IS GREAT!!!

Author — Maggie


Every time I listen to this song it's meaningful to because He live so I am.

I am one of the children that grew knowing not my mum from the time I was 2month old, the rest of my story is gone but what I know is because He lives I can face tomorrow. Now I enjoy proclaiming the true message of the kingdom of GOD to all the nations in my life and my joy is made complete every time I share of God's amazing LOVE upon my life.

Author — Emmanuel Emma


Hallelujah because Jesus lives i can face tomorrow without fear. I love Jesus Christ with all my heart strength soul mind and etc.🙏💖😇👑😂💛💙👏💃😘🙏

Author — Caldonia Lewis


Words cannot fully explain what Jesus has done for me. Abusive childhood, 2 cancer ops, heart surgery, many years of loneliness and depression, anxiety, anger, panic attacks and psychosis. BUT He has become my all and in all. It is so awesome to walk with Him daily, knowing that He's right beside me whether I feel Him or not. I cannot fully understand His Love, BUT, I can experience Him!!! I am the husband of the beautiful lady in the picture.

Author — Eleanore McLeod


I was told this morning I have less than 2 years left to live. I just had to listen to these old hymns to get my focus back on what is important. I'm going home because He lives.

Author — S.R. Hurst


Life is worth the living, because He lives! Amen!!

Author — A Chosen Paradox


Jesus is my strength, my life, my world. Thank you. God for loving me!!!

Author — Jo Cobb


Today I found this song and when I heard the lines "he came to love, heal and forgive" without warning I broke into tears. All the pain in my soul suddenly flared up - only Jesus made it bearable.
Thank you Saviour that you came into this dark and hellish world to bring us light, life and truth!
You made a way back for us into heaven. Without you we would be forever lost in this dark world.

Author — Truth Seeker


I have no worry for future and no complains about the present because He lives

Author — Grace Prabhaker


no matter how down we feel Jesus brought us back with His strength

Author — Leong Li Yang


Because He lives, surely I can face tomorrow

Author — Benson Otieno


Life without Jesus is Darkness. Thanks Jesus Lord. Amen

Author — Kong Gigiz


God bless everyone who uploads and listens to these beautiful songs. Thank you so much

Author — Jake C.D


Cause he lives I can face tomorrow... Hallelujah Christ reign

Author — angel ajie


Thanks you for this wonderful song.Jesus like our hearts 🙌❤

Author — Ann Marie Pulchan


I made so many sins. I started harming not thinking straight but then I found him. A year clean and a heart full of his love and his love.

Author — brook west


I can face tomorrow because he see you tomorrow Lord Jesus💕

Author — r v


Because he lives for tomorrow I can feel love and blessings from heaven paradise ..he presence is in my heart and open my heart to follow him way in his time amen

Author — Destiny Fearz


There are billions of Gods people worship on earth but it is only Jesus Christ who rose from dead to give us eternal life.

The apostle Paul says (1 Cor. 15:17), “If Christ has not been raised, your faith is worthless; you are still in your sins.” Everything in the Christian faith rests on the historical truth that Jesus was raised from the dead. If you can explode that one truth, the Christian faith collapses.

Author — NM Pais