Priest Debunks Common Catholic Myths

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Chances are, you've run into people who don't understand or don't agree with the Catholic Church. Here are a few questions that I get asked on a regular basis, and how to answer them succinctly:

Catholics aren’t Christians
Catholics also worship Mary and the saints
Catholic Church has loads of money
Catholics believe that only Catholics will go to heaven
If you die of suicide, you are immediately condemned to hell
The Catholic Church forbids divorce
Catholics believe that being gay is a sin
Catholic teachings aren’t found in the Bible
Catholics believe that justification comes through faith and works
The Catholic Church is predatory and an unsafe place for children
Pedophilia problem
The Church is against science
The Pope is infallible
The Church is a fading institution






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I never heard the “Catholics aren’t Christians” until I came to America.

Author — J Carson


I love my Catholic brothers
Love from an Eastern Ortodox Christian ❤️

Author — Чед Либлефт


Them: “Catholics aren’t Christians”
Me: *head explodes due to being unable to handle that much stupid*

Author — Tadicuslegion78


My retired priest uncle explained it like this” All Catholics are Christians, but not all Christians are Catholic”

Author — Christine Baughman


"Catholics are not Christian" is mainly USA issue. In my country when somebody even atheist hears Christian the underlying notion is always the Roman Catholic Church.

Author — apoc9


As an Anglican priest, I say well done! Even I get tired of refuting some of these charges against my Catholic brothers and sisters, so I can only imagine your frustration. Your approach is the right path...2-3 minute "elevator answers" are a great way to begin shutting down these kinds of charges and rumors, especially here in the U.S. where attention spans are short. May the Lord have mercy on us all, and bind us together as his bride, The Church!

Author — fatherstevek


As someone who doesn't explicitly practice religion but is deeply interested in it, it's refreshing to see a member of the Catholic church so open to these claims and confronts them in such a healthy and honest way. I commend you, father.

Author — Cedric Rodriguez


I’m a Catholic and this really opened my heart even more. I say this because I’ve been having tiny doubts towards my Catholic faith. Thank you very much sir and God bless!

Author — Julián Babilonia


I watched this cause I'm not Catholic. I'll admit there are some doctrines that we may not agree on, but I'm trying to understand people more and that means listening to them even if I don't agree with everything they say. I really enjoyed this video.

Author — Shirley Tatha


Thank you for addressing the “sin” of suicide. It means more than you know to see the people I have lost and those still struggling not be actively condemned via a secretary of God. Thanks for being a true blue homie of Christ.

Author — Mika Beck


Really enjoyed this! I'm a convert and love my Catholic faith!

Author — Melanie Taranto


I was expecting to watch this and hate it. But you are really well spoken and I actually agree with what you say. I am thinking about going back to the Catholic Church after years of being gone.

Author — derkaiser420


I was raised in both the Protestant & Roman Catholic Churches since I was a child, my Father was Catholic and my Mother was Protestant so growing up I was apart of both these Denominations, however now as adult man in my 30s I have decided to be a full on Catholic and leaving Protestantism.

Author — Ghostlyking1985


As an Orthodox Christian, I’m loving this channel! The parallels and differences between our practices are so fascinating

Author — Jon McMuffin


Thank you, Father. I've been fighting all those "Catholic" vs "Christian" myths for years! This video is a breath of fresh air.

Author — Paul Gutman


As a Biology professor at a Catholic university associated with the Benedictine Order, I can testify from experience that the Catholic Church is very supportive of science - evolution, Big Bang cosmology, etc. In fact, Catholicism has become perhaps the most pro-science Christian denomination. In 2009, I participated in an international conference at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome on the topic of the church and science, especially evolution and the Church. We had discussions and presentations from Cardinals, priests, theologians, psychologists, and scientists on this issue. The Church affirms the validity of all science. A funny incident based on misunderstanding: I once mentioned that I teach evolution at a Catholic university and the person almost whispered, "Do they know about it?" I laughed. I was assigned to teach an evolution course which fully embraces the discoveries of science. Even the Pontifical Academy of Science has strongly endorsed evolution. It is a misunderstanding to say that science and good religion are at odds. I am very proud of my church.

Author — Alfred Martin


As a Protestant, even though we disagree with many things, I will always refer to you guys as brothers and sisters. Why? Because we still maintain the core beliefs of Christianity.

Author — Brock Burgi


I went to a program and I was the only catholic there and the topic of religion came up. One girl said so loudly at me, "You guys worship Mary" and I told her no but she wouldn't believe me, she kept saying "Yes you guys do!"
I was frustrated a bit and baffled because, I'M A CATHOLIC and SHE ISN'T yet she's accusing us of things we don't do. I'm pretty sure only a Catholic would know if we worship Mary or not and the answer is NO.

Author — YourFellow ARMY


As a protestant pastor, and this was one of the singular most well articulated correctives toward our Catholic brothers and sisters that much of us non-Catholics have levelled across the centuries. Thank you so much for this resource! Keep up the good work, and I pray the polemics between our 2 streams will continue to die and unity may be realized.

Author — Brady Rector


"When talking about the Church, it's important not to extrapolate one's experience to the whole world." Well said- and applicable to pretty much everything, not just the Church.

Author — Maria Ricks