Boyer Moore Pattern Matching Algorithm

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Bharathi Ramesh, Surana College.

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This is the best, most complete demonstration I've found for this algorithm.

The first example was perfect. I especially like how the professor modified it as a side note to show what should be done when a pattern contains repeated characters.

Author — Mfon Eti-mfon


Continue doing such videos…such an amazing explanation!!! Hats off ma’am. You made an ocean look like a drop of water 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Author — Nidhi Sree


Your teaching skill is amazing
Thank you so much for this lecture

Author — Vinay Bansal


I went from not getting this algorithm at all to fully getting it before this video was over... you have an incredible talent!!!

Author — Markgarr


Really satisfied by the way you explained the algorithm Ma'am. Thank you so much ❤️

Author — Avantika Singh


Thank you very much. This was the easiest to understand. You should do more such videos.

Author — Partha Mishra


28k+ views and just one video on the channel, ma'am please make more videos you explain so nicely (itna pyara smjhaya hai aapne 🥺❤)
Make more videos and soon you will reach heights!❤
Make videos on more algorithms like this!❤

Author — Shubhi Gupta


Thank you very much ma'am, you have explained this in a very simple way, I've understood the process after watching this only once.

Author — bhavani shankar


5:09 if u add a imaginary char 's' to the pattern then the length will be 7 for the pattern and hence (in the imaginary situation) the value for the second 'a' is 1 not 0

Author — Varad Vithal Kj


Very nice and clean explanation.
Suggestion: time and space complexity analysis would be a plus.
Can you make video on string searching algo. by finite automata ?

Author — Sintu Roy


This is the best explanation which i heard for this concept.mam plz make some more videos on information retrieval system subject

Author — Anil Csd -6701


Really liked... Understood the concept thank u 🙏

Author — Nikhil y


Perfect you will do much more vidoes like this.

Author — Zafrul Islam Shaik


Great explanation ma'am can you please make a video on KMP algorithm as well

Author — Madhav Chittlangia


Well explained I totally understand the boyer Moore algorithm..please mam make video on brute force pattern matching algorithm...🙏🙏🙏

Author — mita howlader


Explanation is good, do more videos!! Keep going mam

Author — Ravali Mogili


thanks for your lecture madem it is very well said by you

Author — Ajay kumar


Mam, could you please share and explain with the c++ code with dry run as you explained

Author — Ramanshu Singh


Thanks for the effort. Great explanation.

Author — Lost Gen


This is the best Tutorial of this algorithm..
Thank you so much

Author — Rashmi