Cargo ship carrying 4,000 Hyundai cars capsizes off Georgia coast

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Cargo ship carrying 4,000 Hyundai cars capsizes off Georgia coast 4.5
A South Korean cargo vessel carrying about 4,000 cars bound for the Middle East was listing heavily on Sept. 8 off the coast of the southern U.S. state of Georgia, an official of operator Hyundai Glovis said.

The U.S. Coast Guard said a pilot and 23 crew were aboard the Golden Ray when it overturned in St. Simons Sound and 20 people had been rescued.

Rescue teams were searching for four crew members believed to be inside the engine room of the vessel, the company and South Korea's foreign ministry said.

The rescued included six South Koreans, 13 Philippines nationals and the American pilot, the foreign ministry said.

The cars on the ship represented marques such as Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors, the company official, who asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of the matter, said on Sept. 9.

The Vessel Finder website said the ship had recently called at the Port of Brunswick and was headed to Baltimore. The carrier was built in 2017 and was sailing under the flag of the Marshall Islands, according to the website.

The Golden Ray has a capacity to carry 6,933 vehicles according to the Glovis website.

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That’s not a cargo ship. It’s Ireland’s latest stealth submarine.

Author — Pete Mitchell


That’s one way to get rid of surplus stock - insurance claim

Author — Gary Willis


I am a South Korean. Thank you to the United States for saving our people. I also respect the USCG.

Author — Sewon B.


Those cars will end up in a dodgy sale yard near you....

Author — Snow Owl


Did Captain Schettino screw up his new job AGAIN.

Author — Breadbugzombie964


Next week Hyndai will be running sale: New cars, all models, with cupholders - slight water damage.

Author — stanfordcoffee


First offcer : How much heading you want me to turn, Capt?

Captain : Yes!!!!

Author — Christian Salas


I am a former seaman and am hoping the missing crew are found safe and sound.The sea is very calm and my idea is that the cargo lashing might have gave way causing the ship to tilt, the ballasting is not balance or the ship might have suffer a leak in its keel.Good it happened along the coast on shallow water.

Author — Edwin Dela Cruz


Wow, someone is taking these trade tariffs pretty seriously...

Author — Michael Oxlong


Wet Season sale at your nearest Hyundai Dealers.
Free Fish and chips with every purchase.


Author — Joe Trump


I'm a ship's captain most probably the vessel was top heavy condition

Author — Roidan Sena


I'm guessing Gilligan forgot to Transfer Ballast to keep the Ship upright.

Author — Curt Ekstrom


Not a problem they said *Hyundai Tiburon* was the cargo.

Author — betuyou13


Just throw that 4000 cars in that ocean. It 's gonna become shelter for marine lives.

Author — Marvin Tumbaga


Did they ever get the ship back upright

Author — Trainfan 4014


I am a seaman from EUCOR Hyundai our chief Mate always checked our ballast either loading and/or unloading, so I would probably say the ship forget to have a ballasting to balance the ship.

Author — Vicente Delig


Now there's 4000 cars on the bottom of the ocean... ALIENS ?

Author — JFK EOrder Abolish Fed Res


The good news is Abu Dhabi Kia is having a sale on all their 2020 Kia's!!!

Author — American Motorsports Gaming


someone will be fired for not loading the ship properly

Author — TV Bot


I wouldn't buy a Hyundai for the next 10 years if I were you

Author — jim ritzheimer