Trump Weaponizes Victimhood to Defend Kavanaugh - Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

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Trump Weaponizes Victimhood to Defend Kavanaugh - Between the Scenes | The Daily Show 5
Trump’s greatest superpower is his ability to wield victimhood, and he’s taking full advantage of it to defend Kavanaugh and undermine the #MeToo movement.

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Equality feels like oppression to the privileged.

Author — Eleanor Svenson


trevor always perfectly says the shit that i’m thinking but can’t put into words

Author — Naomi Gary


This is what should be aired on the daily show. it's what the show lacks. stewart would break character and get serious every now and then. the trevor we see here is doing something similar and it can reach so many more people. it needs to happen more and it needs to be aired. THIS is the trevor I want to see more of.

Author — Mel Christensen


That was the quickest 8 min that went by. Trevor had me in a trance. PREACH!

Author — Grace Lee


We need to remember this isn't men vs women. This is victims vs rapists. Some of those victims are also men.

Author — Heart Feathers


This dude has "leader" written all over him...

Author — Corey Martin


The passion in Trevor's voice and his points that were so eloquently put together, really demonstrated the seriousness of everything going on. You could tell that this was something he felt deeply concerned about. Truly heart-felt and genuine.

Author — Hannah Abrahim


he should go off script all the time. This was epic.

Author — Richard Tabar


Holy shit this was just moving and heartbreaking

Author — Karl Speer


That is without doubt the best explanation for this issue I have ever heard. Thank you 🙏

Author — Anna McGee


Same in india, our ruling party make us believe that hindu religion is in danger, this is how they distract frim real topics

Author — paras m


Trevor has filled Jon Stewart's shoes so well!

Author — Matt Ragusa


'...offer victimhood to people who have the least claim to it...' This was sadly the perfect punchline for ppl on the Trump side in relation to the Me Too Movement! Trevor you hit the nail on the head.

Author — Ally P


Trevor is very eloquent and intelligent 👌🙂

Author — D. S.


Trevor Noah is my favorite person to watch. He is hilarious but also he is very intelligent and I think people forget that because he's a comedian. He is providing us factual information in an entertaining form. Dude is woke. That's all I gotta say lol

Author — Chelsea Anonymous


My most obvious demonstration of the kind of aggrieved white guy victimhood I've ever seen was when my dad was convicted of possession of child pornography. He lost his house, his marriage, his family, his career, and all his money. Time to reevaluate your life? Nope! The Feds railroaded him and his lawyer was incompetent and everything was totally unfair and he was the real victim. It was even my mom's fault for getting cancer and needing a double mastectomy that drove my disgusted (but totally innocent!) father into the arms of child porn.
It taught me a very important lesson about how these kind of men see the world: nothing is good enough for them, they're responsible for nothing, and they are always entitled to more. And if they don't get what they're entitled to, they're victims. Angry, loud, belligerent victims.
Doesn't matter if it's rape or assault or pedophilia or child porn. They're the victims, and they will MAKE you understand that whether you want them to or not.

Author — Droemar


This is one of Trevor Noah's best moments. It's too bad he is ineligible for the Presidential Office, cause he'd make a damn fine president!

Author — Kyuu Tomoyaki


What an analysis, I like his language

Author — Abdulmohsin


Wish the whole 7 billion of us can listen to this depressing truth. So sad

Author — Fanon Dore


"I'm free, I wear MAGA hats, I release hits and I'm free." Ye, where you at ? 😂

Author — saxyrep1