glee cast hating lea michele for 5 minutes straight

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glee cast hating lea michele for 5 minutes straight 5

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what is your opinion on this?
i think it’s really important that we shed light on celebrities who are secretly known as horrible people. i was a fan of lea michele, even payed money to buy her books, and go to one of her concerts. but now, after several confirmations of her behavior, i no longer will support her. i’m disappointed and it just goes to show, you don’t know what your idol is truly like behind the scenes.

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Lea is that one girl who brings an entire friend group so much closer because they all hate her

Author — David Basa


And this is why we can't have bloopers from Glee.

Author — Quanta Sea


acting as rachel berry was probably the easiest thing she’s ever done bc she didn’t have to act at all!

Author — Hollie xo


I can’t believe Naya passed away.. She may Rest In Peace 😢

Author — KasiPlayzRoblox


She’s literally that annoying theater kid that everyone hates

Author — Foodie



Author — DoNut sue me


She sounds worse than Rachel Berry, and that’s saying something.

Author — Fran McVerry


I think it's hilarious that Quinn still sang at regionals when she was literally going to go into labor at any moment, but Rachel quit when Mr Shue gave ONE FREAKIN LEAD to Tina

Author — erinb


I swear she isn't even an actress, she's just being herself.

Author — Aya 010


lea playing rachel berry was not acting i refuse to believe it

Author — Charli Damelio


The way that Kevin, Jenna, Chris and Amber were all SUCH good friends, had so many stories of hanging out together and Lea was NEVER mentioned speaks volumes, like there's a reason she's never at any of the b-day parties, reunions, or in the audience for gigs of everyone else. Queen of being unlikeable!

Author — Nkechinyem Oduh


It’s justice that her career never took off after Glee.

Also RIP Naya Rivera. ❤️

Author — Chris


Lea has the face of a seductive fish and it makes me uncomfortable. *shudder*

Author — TwatWaffle1004


Does anyone remember that episode of Victorious where Beck got to be an extra on a show and the main star of the show was super rude and tried to have him fired for saying his line wrong even though it was correct and then that one guy shot an arrow into her hand and they had to re-cast her or something and all the cast and crew were super relieved because they all secretly hated her and she was awful? That's what Lea Michele seems like

Author — Blood, Sweat and Smeraldo Flowers


She's literally as annoying as her character on the show

Author — Cutie Pie


I dislike that she's such a gifted singer - she doesn't deserve a gift like that. Her idol, Barbra Streisand, may have always been demanding and a perfectionist, but she NEVER put people down for not being on top. Good people don't do that.

Author — Marty M


You can just tell diana is genuinely sweet when she was talking about vanessa

Author — Victoria L.


and that’s why she only does hallmark movies these days.

Author — y0un355


*I bet the people that threw slushies in her face really enjoyed it*

Author — Julianna V. Price


I’m sorry but Naya(Santana) CARRIED the show I missed her on the episodes she wasn’t on 😢😭🕊🤞🏾💕 RIP NAYA WE MISS YOU SO MUCH BRUH

Author — Ari Jay