Thaumcraft Quick Tip: Using Essentia Phials for Crucible Alchemy

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Some recipes for crucible alchemy are easy to match, with no Essentia leftovers, but it's not always easy or possible to do so. This method might be helpful at times - like when you need an even amount (like eight) of any kind of Essentia. I found out about this when I needed to make a lot of Balanced Shards, and it really helped!

Using Essentia Phials can be combined with throwing items into the crucible, of course. And remember that you can't fill a phial with less than 8 essentia, so make sure to match the "crafting amount" with that. The Phial will be destroyed in the process, but they are cheap to make.

I often say Essence instead of Essentia, please take no notice of that :)

Key items and topics for this video:
- Crucible
- Alchemy
- Essentia
- Balanced Shard
- Phial


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Game info:
Survival Single Player - No Server
The Dark Trilogy v1.1.1
A 3rd party pack on the FTB Launcher

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This is actually a great tip, thanks for sharing it!

Author — @MrOverjay


A quick tip for Thaumcraft Crucible Alchemy: Did you know you can use Essentia Phials in the Crucible? :)

Author — @therealtkh


thanks you've made my life so much easyer

Author — @austinmurtagh4592


how did u configure NEI to show Thaumcraft recipes?

Author — @DanYami


Or you could just use the Alchemical Construct :P

Author — @Ethanil