6 Money Truths I Wish Someone Told Me Sooner

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6 Money Truths I Wish Someone Told Me Sooner 5

In this video, I will share six ideas about money that I wish I had learned sooner. If you want to learn how to save and invest more money, be sure to hit the subscribe button!

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If this video gets 3, 000 likes, I'll make an apartment tour once I fully move in!

Author — Nate O'Brien


Man, the way you speak non-stop, without cuts, that’s really insane.

Author — Jury Satuito


6) Minimalism
5) Avoid debt
4) Credit cards can be used as a tool
3) Free information
2) Looking rich makes you poor
1) Retirement plans

Author — V


fact that you can talk for 13 minutes without saying ''you know, I mean, it's like, or um'' is unreal. Your speaking skills are spectacular.

Author — tony tony


"If you wish to be wealthy, learn to live like you're poor"

Author — MostNaturalMedia


"When you were younger?". Boy, u 21, u already figured so much about money than my 37 year old self. Good on you.

Author — notinaable


Nate - I can't believe you're only 21. You have so much knowledge and wisdom. I'm way, way older than you, however I enjoy your channel. Keep up the good work :)

Author — NH April !


It’s funny how most rich people don’t flex their money while a lot of poor people try so hard to look rich.

Author — Zachary Laid


And after all that you might marry someone who isnt that smart with money.
Marry an equally responsible person, or someone who is open to learn about it.

Author — vipertact


Like if Nate is helping you in your journey to financial literacy like me 💰💰!!!

Author — James Germain - My Financial Journey Channel


Singing up on a finance class during my senior year in high school allowed me to avoid on applying loans and make better financial decisions. The US Government should make finance class mandatory to all high schools.

Author — Poto Somo


"At a younger age" Man's looks 17 years old

Author — Nagani


Just see *One Biz Op p. co M*, around 65 a day, it won't take your money for useless training, work and gain a few bucks every day.

Author — Łukasz Daszczuk


When the first tip is minimalism, you immediately establish credibility to me. Subscribed!

Author — John Novakovich


You wish someone told you at a younger age? Dude, are you making fun of us?

Author — South Village


Can we take a moment and just acknowledge that this kid is 21!?!?

Author — Collins


At your age I was told to save money, yet I thought retirement was far away. WRONG! time goes by fast and I wish I did save my money at your age cause I am 20 years away from retirement and just start saving 2 years ago.

Author — Whiterose Faith


It amazes me that school and college have us learn a bunch of bullshit material for general education but doesn't care to require 1 personal finance course.

Author — BRBallin1


My method: If I haven't used something in 6 months >>> out it goes >>>.

Author — Martin Kosmicki


Out of a lot of personal finance channels, yours is one of my favorites because you explain information in a clear manner. You don’t speak with a condescending attitude like a lot of personal finance experts

Author — Benny Luong