Grim Reaper's F-15Cs 493rd FS Low level Flying!! Mach-Loop

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Grim Reaper's F-15Cs 493rd FS Low level Flying!! Mach-Loop 5

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I was lucky to catch the The 493rd Fighter Squadron, the Grim Reapers a few weeks ago , as the F-15c from RAF Lakenheath performed Low level flying near my home! this was taken from Cad East with a Sony AX53 and the missus took the photos with a Nikon D500

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You're the only aviation footage channel I'm subscribed to because when everyone else has tons of mostly boring footage with the occasional good shot, you scour through all the footage and only post the best shots. Thank you.

Author — Jacob Baumgardner


I must put this on my bucket list, I love to be on that hill top and see these amazing fighter jets and aircraft's in person. Great clip Elwyn. 🤗💖😸

Author — *Chat Noir*


I feel the fighters through my iPad speakers but can’t imagine being that close. It would be unforgettable.

Author — H C


For me this is a double win with the proximity to the aircraft and the scenery!

Author — cupidstunt22


Second fighter was banking right to left like a Indy driver warming up his tires! Loved the video Elwyn!

Author — james pruitt


Always a treat elwyn especially now 💓👍

Author — Steve Holmes


And the best I can do is take a ride in a Stearman or go to Disneyland.😕

Author — Jpriest13


I love seeing your videos, I used to go to the Mildenhall Air Shows back in the 80's, where I live, a small village about 1 and a half hours from Mildenhall and Lakenheath, the Warthogs flew over as did the Eagles, we also saw the SR-71 fly, we spoke to the pilot, whose name was Stormy Boudreaux (pronounced Budrow) what a great guy, he drove a Porsche at that time.

Author — Sue Zang


Great vid Elwyn! Thanks for posting! I live in Norfolk on the east coast. Usually have loads over here from Lakenheath. Nothing over here since lockdown! Brill video!

Author — Ted Liddiment


Thank you for these. Makes the lock down more bearable to see these birds in all their glory with the quality videos you make/made

Author — Dan Kershaw


Another brilliant video from the Loop, keep them coming, we need the distraction now

Author — Kev B


Love this, just watching one of your Star Wars valley videos, fantastic by the way, is the traffic as hit and miss as north wales?

Author — Ricky Austin


Great videography and stills - as usual :)

Author — ChrisB257


even the planes are social distancing themselves, everyone that's the lesson for you too.

Author — cobra R


What a power!!

Nice job, as always!!

Author — Alessio Murgia


That s how you defend your country from deadly viruses, good investment

Author — Dan Amaritei


What can you say bloody fantastic Elwyn thank you 🇬🇧🇬🇧🛸🛸

Author — Geoff Crummy


Very nice shots ... Bravo from a former mechanic of the French Air Force 👍😉✈

Author — Patrick DE PARIS


When was that filmed ? Another amazing vid

Author — David gilbert


Awesome as always. What do you use to record the audio off the scanner?

Author — Ed Butcher