Brexit: Parliamentary chaos as Conservatives forced out of party - BBC Newsnight

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Brexit: Parliamentary chaos as Conservatives forced out of party - BBC Newsnight 4

MPs have cleared the first hurdle in an attempt to pass a law to prevent a no-deal Brexit.

Emily Maitlis is joined by joined by the former Conservative Chief Whip Mark Harper, Ken Clarke, Father of the House and MP Nicholas Soames

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Is Nicholas Soames not pissed that after 36 years as an MP he is simply introduced as Churchill’s grandson?

Author — Adam


Europe has always been in the driving seat. That has always been as clear as day. The tories are completely delusional

Author — Russian Métropolitan


Why can't i be introduced as a hero who fought in Dunkirk and Normandy grandson? That'd be awesome. I can't fight for shit.

Author — Jack Perry


“There is no act of treachery or meanness of which a political party is not capable; for in politics there is no honour.”

Benjamin Disraeli

Author — TO NO


Jacob Rees-Mob has voted against his own part 127 times.

Author — beatonthedonis47


I wonder how it is to live as "Churchill's Grandson"...
Is that the only thing he has ever accomplished?
Don't let the door hit you on the way OUT!

Author — ESClad


Being the grandson of a famous politician doesn’t mean you are entitled to anything. Hilary Benn isn’t a patch on his father, Mr Soames lives on his family connections

Author — Barbara Granger


The front bench all defied the whip many times.

Author — Nick Barton


Watching the Tory party tear itself apart would be one of the great pleasures of my life were it not for the likes of Farage and co waiting in the wings.

Author — Michael Judd


The Conservative Party is completely dysfunctional and a national embarrassment.

Author — Thrustin Von Helmut


Outrageous! It's almost like they think people should be judged on their own merit and not based on who their grandfather was!

Author — gx240


Well Churchill changed parties twice so it runs in the family.

Author — Hereticking


The sad thing is MP's on all sides are more interested in getting re-elected by the very people who's will they have ignored.

Author — Andrew Robinson


Ken Clarke became an MP in 1970, the year Mark Harper was born.

Author — Marina E


Ken Clark is a staunch europhile. How can he say he voted Brexit. That’s rubbish! And how else do they think Boris could get a deal where Teresa May couldn’t without taking a tougher stance.

Author — LeBot


Just imagine if Rory Stewart had been elected PM. Oh well, we can dream. Come on Rory, Labour will be happy to welcome you in.

Author — Kiskaloo


Great to see the two that voted against the goverenment wont be standing at the next election, they wouldn't be elected again anyway.

Author — James Murphy


A sign of the times if Churchill's grandson is expelled from the Conservative party.

Author — Bero Smith


Well how about that. The value of our currency went UP a point as soon as the result of the vote was known.

Author — J Mas


You are part of the establishment - says it all

Author — Jack Gatt