Watch: Video Shows 2019 Ohio Bus Crash That Injured Several Students | NBC News

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Watch: Video Shows 2019 Ohio Bus Crash That Injured Several Students | NBC News 4.5

The Ohio State Highway Patrol released this video showing the moment a Perry County school bus overturned in December 2019. Highway officials say a car struck the bus after failing to stop at a red light. Eight of the students on board were injured.

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Watch: Video Released From 2019 Ohio Bus Crash That Injured Several Students | NBC News

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School: “Walk it off kids you have school tomorrow”

Author — Stormboxer


They put seat belts in the vans they use to transport prisons on death row but won't put them in a school bus.

Author — 100perdido


The car that ran the red light should be charged

Author — Jaden Shorrock


At least the bus driver had a seat belt🙄

Author — Kalla H


I was in a crash like that, I never understood the people that panic you can clearly hear someone screaming like a maniac.

Author — Slipz Miratesus


geez... glad the DRIVER had a seatbelt on!!!

Author — OMMA- LLAMA


I swear if that bus driver hadn't been wearing the seat belt they would've had it the worst. Possibly even know those doors aren't very strong

Author — MAAREZ


OMG... I was in a Car crash in 1998 and this video kicked up so many horrible memories for me... There was 3 of us in the car that night and I was in the passenger seat and the only 1 to be wearing my seat belt and was the only 1 who survived the car crash... I can remember how slow it all seemed at the time when it was happening.. My friend John and his girlfriend Rebecca had only being going out with one another for under 6 weeks.... I didn't realise I was going to share that information just now.. I remember that whole incident like it was yesterday and its never ever far from my memory especially now I'm much older and have kids that drive...
This video was so scary to I hope they are all OK x

Author — Ryan Odonnell


To the screaming kid: Ask not what your bus driver can do for you. Ask what you can do for your bus driver.

Author — x2malandy


Seatbelts might have helped in this situation, but with younger children, it also becomes a hazard if there was a fire, etc. Notice that there were some minor injuries, even though it looks like the bus flipped? Buses are designed to keep the occupants safe, even without seatbelts.

Author — Becky Schalck


a sincere THANK YOU to the producer who uploaded this clip for showing the very end of the clip, where one student did manage to successfully force upon the roof panel and provide an escape....I was rooting for them to do that for a good half-minute and felt SO vindicated & relieved seeing that grateful moment on camera! KUDOS

Author — DJMichaelAngelo


Screaming for a Big Mac isn't going to help the situation...

Author — Joe Schlotthauer


Is it bad that I laughed the hardest I've laughed all year?

Author — Altimgamr is a bitch


Love how NBC thanks you for watching children involved in a bus accident at the end of the video. Well, you're very welcome NBC! I'm glad you could make money from YouTube adds with content like this.

Author — Brady DeAngelo


The forces at work here are crazy!
The kids just flew up there!

Author — Herowebcomics


The scary thing is that I ride the bus at my school

Author — Anna Hill


Having been in a wreck myself where the vehicle turned upside and rolled was horrifying but atleast I had a seat belt. Dear God I can't imagine that happening in a bus!

Author — Zooer


Please let this be a normal field trip

Author — buddi


When I was in 4 grade. I went through a similar accident. We didn’t have seat belts. The bus lost control.Witnesses say that the bus flip over three times. I hit my head and had a concussion. My right side of my jowl hurt for weeks. Everybody had miner injuries. The worst was the driver that hit his head and started bleeding. And one classmate broke his rest . It happened in January 2005, I still remember it till this day.

Author — Jair Dominguez


why don’t school buses have seatbelts is MY question

Author — Paytyn Shaw