12 Most Incredible Finds In The Forest

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12 Most Incredible Finds In The Forest 4.5

As the words of the old song about teddy bears picnics go; if you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise. You won’t find any bears tucking into their food in this video though; just incredible discoveries that people have found in the dense and mysterious forests of our planet. From strange formations created by nature to artifacts made by human hands, our forests are hiding some truly astonishing things. Let’s take a closer look at them!

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I thought I was watching ‘be amazed‘ for 3 MONTHS!?!

Author — Ty Taylor


0:19 "From strange formations created by nature.."
Me: "That's a VAZ-2106.."

Author — PyrozPlayground


What's up with the two cars flipped over¿¿¿

Author — Eke Eddyr Hvitrgarm`elda ehT erkoJ


Narrator; “tanks...”

Me; “you’re welcome.”

Author — Aaron Burr Atwood.


You ever think that some of these myths and stories like King Arthur were just stories made up in ancient times to entertain and then taken literally in the future.

Author — Joseph Cunningham


so where is that plane field?? I would love to get one of those planes and restore it

Author — Matthew Garreans


I like the different varieties of this channel..
Always amazing..
Thanks for sharing as always..💖

Author — Damarys Dingui


Same footage repeated over and over? Lameass.

Author — B Sc


Hah suprised... I am from Slovakia and already heared about this found :)

Author — Gregor Galeta


I’ve seen stucke before he’s in Waycross ga

Author — J Harrell


That Toyota Century though, it's one of those pipe dream cars for me...and the poor thing is rotting away in that radiation hell zone.

Author — Jay Simons


Great video. Like the fact that is new material. I haven't heard from this before not like other videos channels that is more of the same.

Author — Rican1Soldier


Really dislike the movie clips dropped into the video. Just tell the story...

Author — Andrew McPhee


i think stuckie looks ok i know him of watching videos of him

Author — Arkley’s Vlogs


I was eating breakfast then saw the dog

Author — Ethan Mcfadin


what movie is this 10:12 with Ian McShane? Doesnt look like Deadwood

Author — Billy Corners


How the hell did a dog get 20 feet up a tree? They can't climb trees! That there must be the dog equivalent of a post turtle.

Author — Fay Anne Aura Arts


hahaha Moncton nb first time I hear something about that and im from the area lol

Author — john saulnier


What's the deal here this is a rerun ?

Author — steve shoemaker