Mac or Macbook can't detect my external drive. Troubleshooting tips.

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Mac or Macbook can't detect my external drive. Troubleshooting tips. 3.5
Video Showing how to troubleshoot external HDD detection problems.

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oh my You are wonderful! Thank you thank you

Author — Komi Akoso


really thankful to you. It's working my dear. Thanks again to you. Can't express my gratitude

Author — Ayan Gupta


it worked with me perfectly, you are amazing :D

Author — Fusion Waves Production


When I go to disk utility, external isn’t even an option 😩

Author — Katie Brooke


It worked perfectly! Thank you so much!

Author — Walking Eyes


well my HDD shows ERRORS and FAULTS now what???

Author — RobRepair


Saved my recorded audio files.. big thanks..

Author — Tolga Futacı


thanks this video was really helpful for me .

Author — MMC Vlog


thanks for your vid PCrisk, i have an other solution to CHANGE THE CABLE, because i had to switch allready to the third one. THE CRAZY THING IS THAT THE SAME CABLE WORKS WITH OTHER HDD... Often the re-start of the Mac was the solution but now the cable was the thing. Hope it helps to someone. Cheers

Author — Christian Maugg


Thanks a lot! I appreciate your time and effort...

Author — Ferruh Tumer


Works and saved my archives, THANK YOU

Author — Noureddine Ahmed


1:40 cant eject :(

it says "volume timed out while waiting to eject"

Author — dorodoro JPN


Awesome!!!! It’s really worked!!!
Thanks for the teaching.

Author — Phylist Low


It didnt work but thank you for the resource

Author — emily212ily


didnt work, but i just ended up plugging my gopro in with a cable rather then putting the sd card in an adapter to plug it in my mac

Author — TechZr


My solution for this kind of problem is... Wait for a while. And after some time hard disk will appear on the desktop.

Author — Snipershotz Photography


this actually helped a lot! I thought I would've lost my hard drive and everything I had stored there

Author — Daniel Herrera


thank you... was beginning to lose hope!

Author — Yvonne


thank you so much u helped me fix my usb

Author — FATE_ Blackout


Thank you!! My daughter helped save my sanity by following this video. After following the steps and having many errors and faults, I left my hard drive plugged in and after about 6- 10 minutes it

Author — Terea Stewart