'That was funny': Donald Trump caught on mic laughing about Trudeau jibe

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'That was funny': Donald Trump caught on mic laughing about Trudeau jibe 4.5
It was meant to be a landmark summit - a celebration of NATO and the alliance's success in helping to secure peace in Europe for 70 years.

But the meeting of world leaders ended in acrimony with Donald Trump calling the Canadian leader Justin Trudeau "two-faced", before cancelling a planned news conference and flying home.

The cause was a video that appeared to show Mr Trudeau gossiping about the US president with - among others - Boris Johnson.

The fallout from that - and another spat with the French President Emmanuel Macron - overshadowed talks that were supposed to tackle the most significant threats to security in Europe and the world.

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"He is 2 faced"
One white
One black

Author — John Smith


trudeau mocks him privately and trump did so publicly.

Author — bilal siddiqui


Truth is when Trump calls Trudeau a "nice guy", it wasn't a compliment

Author — C Healy


when Trump say someone is a nice guy, a friend of his, this guy is in deep trouble.

Author — mfxx888


I am so glad, that this reporter is focusing on important matters.

Author — Rudiger Glique


Trudi acting like an ex girlfriend ....

Author — ILY YEs


And so what?

Humans gossip. They ain’t friends, it’s business.

Business is business.

Author — Rachel Burnell


Canada has a fool for a leader. I could laugh at trudeaus follies but the fact is I am too busy crying with shame and embarasment,

Author — ronald moreland


Damn, these are among most powerful people on the earth and they are gossiping like 60 years old aunties. God save us !

Author — Pranav m


It WAS funny when he said that guy was two-faced...❤🇺🇸💙

Author — Miss S.O.J.


1:37 Boris ... “...that’s complete nonsense...”, can’t believe he denied it!

Author — TIm Smith


All these “leaders” look like they’d shrivel up at some confrontation

Author — TheMayhemEra


"That's complete nonsense, I don't know where that's come from..." he lied, lyingly...

Author — Christopher Aaron


“That was funny when I said the guy was two faced!” ~MY POTUS!

Love my president!

Author — Cliff Drake


When other members fail in their national security, they'll cry their asses asking for US defence aid 😂

Author — Hello Giddy


"...but someone doesn't look happy."

*Everyone frowning*



These are the most powerful people in the world and they're gossiping like theyre in school 🤦‍♂️ We are screwed

Author — Aviation18K


Can we come to the conclusion that these " meetings" are nonsense !!!

Author — amy grace


The devils voice the media, always hiding behind "reporting truth" when they get caught instigating.

Author — Adam Platell


That's just the press trying to get ratings

Author — Mike Clontz