SE Cupp: If the world feels like it's on fire ... that's because it is

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SE Cupp: If the world feels like it's on fire ... that's because it is 4
As President Donald Trump lands in France for the G7, CNN's SE Cupp looks at the fires Trump started in the US with his recent political plays. #CNN #News

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Funny how a tribe they were trying to evict from the amazon, won their day in court. Now their area is on fire.

Author — seeking wisdom


Sure S.E., there are fewer people on food stamps. Trump eliminated their benefits. Collections accounts, car loan defaults and credit card debt's growing exponentially. Real wages haven't grown in the past 50 years. Get real MSM.

Author — Music_lover 18015


The average American worker's income is growing??? Where? Not mine, my neighbor's, not my state's... where?

Author — JusSick24


These fires are intentionally set to create farmland illegally set that is

Author — Melissa Archibald


If only they raked the leaves up in the amazon forest!....Now brazil will need a tremendous amount of water that is tremendously wet.

Author — Donald THE Dictator


Bolsonaro has picked fights with the indigenous people of the Amazon. He has sided himself with the large farming industries. He has also grant China rights to the resources under the Amazon.

I think the farmers started the fires but Bolsonaro turned a blind eye and later accused ENVIRONMENTALISTS of burning their precious Amazon...makes no sense. He allowed the jungle to burn for days. Only after global pressure, after he lashed out against Macron, he finally capitulated to stop the burning.

Demonstrating a vocal concern about the burning of the Amazon is not an IMPERALISTIC attitude. The rainforest is EVERYONE'S concern.

Author — KB Peters


How will we ever get Trump neckties to America if he orders them to leave China

Author — Tommygunn ggg


YES! A Sanders and/or Warren presidency! End the insular self-preservation of the parties' establishment! Not only that, but replace them with a president (and possibly VP) who has experience in government, clearly articulated views and a track record of serving the people while in office!

Author — NewhamMatt


Donald is having second thoughts about the trade war with China, as well as marrying Melania instead of Ivanka.

Author — Idylchatter


Brazil has its own Chump 😂 A weak minded, obese con artist with no leadership skills.

Author — Iridescent ink


"Ivanka? I would hit that bigly!!!"

Author — David H


SE, I am glad you do not use the word "president" too often!

Author — moreno franco


A bit late, the damage has already been done

Author — Matthew Lo


Who would have thought that a reality-show billionaire conman could be such an incompetent president?

Edit: The Russian bots are really well-prepared with their talking points today. отличная работа, товарищ.

Author — Tal Moore


Steelworker job cuts? Bwahahaha SUCKERS! Everything Trump touches dies, even steelworkers.

Author — Mexi Chillin


3:05 is very misleading as wages are falling when you account for inflation. So i question if the economy is doing well right now

Author — Matthew Ryan


Ladies and Gentleman we are in trouble, TROUBLE, it’s multiplying everyday we got problems man!

Author — TheSmith Family


This is just the start it's downhill from here if he wins 20/20 God save us from this orange devil

Author — Mike Noftsier


Somethings not right about this presenter🤨

Author — Hugoj Sim racing


Disconnect the phones, dismiss the staff, change the locks, secure all of the offices and the residence. Call him an uber, assist him in getting in and escort him to the outside of the gate.

Author — Michelle HENLEY