Top 10 Cool Free Windows Software (You'll Really Want)

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Top 10 Cool Free Windows Software (You'll Really Want) 4.5


This is a list of really cool free software that I think most people could really use. These are all at least for Windows, but much of this software is probably cross-platform compatible with other operating systems such as Mac and Linux. These software include anything from recovering deleted files in Windows, to a free Microsoft Office alternative.



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0:22 LastPass (Password manager)
1:22 Recuva (Recover deleted Files)
2:30 DaVinci Resolve (Video Editing)
3:31 Speccy (Computer Specs)
4:14 Libre Office (free Microsoft Office alternative)
5:34 Bulk Rename Utility (take a guess)
6:52 Discord (Voice over IP)
7:57 Rainmeter (Desktop Customization)
8:42 MediaInfo (shows info about media files)
9:50 Mp3Tag (Fix metadata for media files)
10:56 F.Lux (Automatic Monitor Colour adjustment to fit sunlight - note that Windows 10 has a night mode which does the same)

Author — Steamrick


1:22 - Recuva
2:30 - DaVinci Resolve
3:31 - Speccy
4:14 - LibreOffice
5:34 - Bulk Rename Utility
6:52 - Discord
7:57 - Rainmeter
8:42 - MediaInfo
9:50 - Mp3tag
10:56 - f.lux

Author — Mostafa Mahmoud


half of the people watching this video use discord

Author — Block Bros


My favorite free software is the Windows desktop. What about you?

Author — ThioJoe


Watch the video from 1:18
Thank me later

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Author — Gaming Hacks


I don't need a password generator! I programmed one myself! :D

Author — DiscoLizzard


Flux: "This is definitely one I think everyone should use"

You say this in the same video that shows you using a color grading / video editing tool.

Author — Timmy Fifty


My favourite Windows software is that one that I'm told on Internent Explorer it's an antivirus software and will clean up my computer called malware.exe

Author — Volpix


Remember when your videos used to hit 1 million views

Author — Juan Chavez


4:18 Damn, just got flashbacks of Linux, ima reinstall Ubuntu now

Author — bestname


I use discord :) on my android & on my windows pc

Author — GoDzM4TT3O


03:26 you never tried hitfilm express, did ya?

Author — BummStirbKuchen - The Kuchen Company


you can get all programs for free! guess how


Author — Blue


8:18 remember the windows 9 video with it's volume slider then here is it, exposed

Author — Arcade Gaming


*Watching this while chatting on Discord*
*Hears Thio Joe say Discord*

Author — AnamGGSS


I'm installing (almost) all of them xD

Author — BlueDragon


Hmmm, I can see Bulk Rename Utility being quite useful for things like picture albums. Very nice.

Author — SpaceFlye


When I got my new gaming pc, the app "Speecy" was pre-installed

Author — DGTasdiq


The media info app can just be replaced by VLC.

Author — kilometers


“Paid promotion”
Well all integrity goes out the window

Author — Xavier Rodrigues