2021 Type 2 ASE - First Look at New Silver Eagle Design in Hand

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💬 Comments

I enjoy the new design. This is the first proof Silver Eagle I have ever ordered. They just need to fix the wonky date! What an odd choice.

Author — Taylorism


The previous design for Silver Eagles had an “AW” in the lower hem of Liberty’s dress.

Author — mjanovec


I said the exact same thing about the date! It was the first thing I noticed when I received mine, it looks like the fakes. The type 2 may grow to my liking but personally I still favor the type 1 🤙

Author — Sam's Mobile Pressure Washing


I like the greater definition of the Type 1 obverse better, but I’ll still get a Type 2 to continue the set.

Author — alwaysseekingsilver


Those are pretty cool! I'm not sure if I like the notch for security, looks almost dimpled on the coin from it

Author — DC


The outside edge of the type 2 ASE coin is thicker between the T and the Y and again between the L and the I in liberty. Hold the coin flat like a pancake, bring it up to your eyeballs with the missing reeded edge facing you and rotate the coin clockwise. Here we thought there were no fancy security features and then BAM!!! You'll see what I mean or you'll see im crazy. But I ain't crazy.

Author — Everything


Love the new design. Thanks for sharing ben!

Author — @silver_anything


I give the new reverse a B- and the changes to the obverse a C. Good review Ben!

Author — Tylonn Platinum the 3rd


The date on the First Day of Issue coins I have is 'normal', but an unusual font. I wonder if there was a slightly worn die on the one you showed....I like the new look. I have some proofs coming along, it will be interesting to see how those details look.

Author — Lawrence Taylor


This eagle looks a lot like the eagle on the reverse of the Ike dollar. Except on the Ike dollar we got a complete eagle & on this eagle design we get a clipped off wing. I like the full eagle design better.

Author — Ray Stevens


Meh. Type II Obverse is a wash out compared to the Type I. Maybe the Reverse will grow on me.

Author — David Ufford


Supposed to be re- engraved to more closely resemble the original design, including the larger date.

Author — Saltwater Saddle Tramp


I ordered a type 2 NGC 69 to continue my set. I already have the type 1....

Author — History Uncovered One Shovel At A Time


Nice but will have to pass on this one for moment. Being in Canada I would almost have to pay double for it at this time. I do agree that the date makes it look like a fake.

Author — officeguy3


I think it's an improvement over the previous design.

Author — expoboy52


totally agree, got my last week and I also thought the date stamp looked like a fake at first glance. The Sun's rays are different, guess that is one of those new anti counterfeit. Again Great Video

Author — Rusty Bracewell


NFC chip inside the coin as a security feature 🤣🤣

Author — Fernando Rivera


Hi, Ben. I like nacho cheese. I saw a proof Type2 today in a video. It looks great. I have one coming from the Mint by Pony Express. I expect it this month. Oh, yeah, PCGS hates you. *TYU*

Author — Donald in New Mexico


I am starting to feel like I'm the only one who doesn't like the new design. The date makes the front look like my kids duplo block set, which is to say big and ugly. The eagle on the reverse has lost all the symbolism and while it is more modern it's less appealing. Also, the "security feature" is laughably terrible. If there's more security features why wouldn't they mention them? How is something a feature if no one knows about it? I think I'll stick to collecting older coins. If I want bullion with actual security features and a good look I'll buy British or Canadian silver.

Author — QuickSilver


The date is the Adolph Weinman style date also which is why it looks funky. Its all more in line with the walking liberty half dollar as far as the design and date.

Author — Sparky Jones