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Routers Beyond Roundovers | I Can Do That! 4.5

Woodworkers love their routers, but they may not be getting as much out of them as possible. In this episode of I Can Do That, Andrew takes routers beyond roundovers, and shows how to cut rabbets, makes a simple jig for accurate grooves and dadoes, and shows a few methods to create arcs and circles with a router. Lot's of router fun!

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Very nicely done !! I'm a relatively new woodworker and a novice with a router. This was very helpful to me. I'm sure to many others as well. Andrew, Thanks for sharing your thoughts and videos, Rodney

Author — Rodney Widger


The initial measurement of the straight bit at 4:09 shows a measurement of 3/4" - not 3/8" ...just sayin...

Author — David M


If you put the two pieces on top of each other, the first groove would also be transferred to the bottom piece as you go through the top piece. Then all you had to do was finish the second one off. You'd have identical grooves.

Author — lampa2525


Andrew, Love your detailed tutorage but just an observation- you could look to reverse the lock nut on your edge guide so that you don't have to fiddle with it upside down and between the bench and guide where space is limited. i.e. the locknut is upside down?

Author — Rik Vahl


Consider turning the screw over on the metal guide so you aren’t fighting with space between tabletop when adjusting.

Author — Stacy Gerlich


When doing the layout for the second board, layout with your awl wasn't required. you just made a perfect template. All you had to do was align and clamp those boards together then plunge again through both boards.

Author — JimboJet737


Hi I like your demos but you really should be using a dust mask, particularly when routing MDF. I lost a close friend to respiratory cancer because he refused to wear a mask when using MDF. I wouldn't want you to suffer the same fate. Keep up the videos.

Author — David Jennings


I have watched this video twenty or more times, and can not for the life of me see how at the end of the video you router a piece of stock, but the jig doesn't have a routed out part at the front of the jig to be able to router the stock. You start by routering a piece of wood the width of the stock but then we never see it again in the video. You don't use it at the end of the video when you test the jig cutting the first piece of stock. Unless you router both the jig and stock at the same time. I ran the video over and over and over stopping it too try to see the routered out piece of wood you routered at the beginning of the video. I never saw it again and the jig at the end of the video when you cut the test piece of stock doesn't have a routered out part either.

Author — Terence James


I like how you explain everything great job be watching you 👍

Author — mac daddy


yes always a dust mask, but the way he kept on letting go of the router when still running that to me is a a bad move,

Author — Ken Archer


Amazing, simple and to the point. Thanks for the lesson Andrew!!

Author — Lizard of Oz


Listen to the vibrations at 10:30 you’re cutting too much in a single pass! “Never cut more per than the thinnest part of the cutter” is a good place to start.

Author — BrainFizz


Simplify your circle jig. Pick a guide brushing. Drill a hole in the jig that matches the OD of the brushing. Put the brushing on the router and just drop into the hole and go. This eliminates the need to screw the router to the jig.

Author — drodver


That and so much more! T-track and keyholes are two other operations one can do easily with a compact router.

Author — chapbix12158


There is a greater number of processes taking the router beyond Rounding over all that is required is to purchase template guides

Author — Tom O'Donnell


Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for sharing!

Author — Erik Larsen


Most excellent !!! Thank you ! I love the close up camera, and ur teaching style is great-Being a first time router lover newbie, I really need this video !!thank you hope u make more shows !!!

Author — nicole crystal


You’re a young man, please wear at least a dust mask when cutting MDF. Consider dubbing the audio onto the video after the fact, then the mask won’t hinder your speaking.

Author — Jan M


each groove should of had 2 passes to save wear on the bit and to give you a neater cut also leave the pencil line on and it will be a much tighter fit but great vid

Author — Phil G


One question...I hear compression stair bits leave little if any fraying ...if so, what size do u recommend?

Author — Ralph Mitchell