Can Major U.S. Airlines Survive The Coronavirus Outbreak?

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Can Major U.S. Airlines Survive The Coronavirus Outbreak? 4.5

The golden age for airlines could be ending thanks to the spike in worldwide cases of COVID-19. A drop in crude prices would normally be a positive for airlines. However, border closings, event cancellations, and the potential for travelers to end up quarantined could cause a cascade of failures throughout the aviation industry. Now, major US airlines say they need a massive bailout from Congress to avoid laying off scores of workers.

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Can Major U.S. Airlines Survive The Coronavirus Outbreak?

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Careful, you're entering Wendover Productions turf....

Author — Mr. Sparkledog


Can major U.S. Airlines survive the Coronavirus outbreak? *Yes, it’s called corporate bailout*

Author — Papito


No bonuses for CEOs? Wow I really hope they are OK! That's really tough :(

Author — Mr. Fox


These people charge me $35 for a single bag and then proceed to lose it for 2 days and I'm supposed to feel sorry for them?

Author — Onyourknees Beforeme


Thought those increased baggage fees were supposed to help in times like these...

Author — Andrew Lee


I'm more concerned whether Americans can survive Coronavirus rather than if Corporations can

Author — Andrew Murray


Airlines: $35 to put your bag on the plane.
Airlines: $16 for a bag of chips
Airlines : Sorry you want your “legs” to fit $75.
Airlines: haha, you have to fork over an extra $50 to choose the seat you already paid for.

Airlines: Oh No!! Someone help us we’re out of money!



The wildlife and nature are probably getting their first breath of fresh air in decades

Author — Daniel Chang


If only they had used their tax savings to create a cash reserve instead of spending it all on stock buy-backs and executive/stockholder enrichment...


Author — Gabelous


Poor CEO`s they will not have their bonus... what kind of atrocius virus is this...

Author — Deus WARQ


Its funny how the everyday person is expected to have months of savings in case of an emergency but a billion dollar company cant stay afloat because of one week of bad business?

Author — Cali Lee


Airlines where preparing to make seats smaller and baggage fees higher. And to buy back more stock . Give them what they give us.

Author — captiantim1


They should have saved instead of spending 91% of their surplus on stock buybacks

Author — M K


Airline before Covid-19: your luggage is 1KG over limit you HAVE TO PAY EXTRA 500$ 😡😡😡
Airline after Covid-19: wemember us, we need help poazeee🥺🥺🥺

Author — Arab Trooper


Can major airlines survive the Coronavirus outbreak? Of course they can, what the socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor.

Author — Scribbli Chheery


I just came here to say: IDGAF.

If they go under, new airlines can take their place. Preferably ones that are more fiscally responsible.

Author — Andre Vo


Yes they can they make a lot of money it’s their employees I pity

Author — Aye Gal


"when an airlines says they are gonna cut capacity, that means they are gonna cancel some flights" no sh*t sherlock..

Author — Ariana Gandhi


Why should taxpayers bailout a capitalist business with socialism?

Author — Keith Harvey


Everyone who complained about having too many tourists in your city looks like you got your wish. Be careful what you wish for.

Author — sugarkang