Easter at the Trump White House: The Daily Show

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Easter at the Trump White House: The Daily Show 5

At the White House Easter Egg Roll, President Trump forgets how the national anthem works, and a Kellyanne Conway interview gets underscored by a fitting soundtrack.

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sometimes this is all so funny until you remember its for real

Author — Toyin Yates


Trump reminded of American tradition by an immigrant #priceless

Author — Klonzo33


Am I the only one who loves the dumbfounded look on the Easter Bunnies face😂😂😂 He looks as confused as the rest of America

Author — Heather Maupin


that moment when an immigrant is more patriotic than the president

Author — Tawsif Islam


I loved the CNBC feed that showed Donny and the Easter Bunny standing there and had the caption reading "President Trump (left)..." like nobody could tell which was which without a prompt, lol

Author — MiSt 526


The Easter Bunny looks shocked. He doesn't believe a word Trump says.

Author — Christiana Magdalene Moodley


The White House Easter Bunny began hiding the eggs around 7:30 on Monday morning.
Trump began hiding his tax returns around 1978.

Author — fidorover


That rabbit looks so stoned or terrfiied

Author — Ladygothii12


Donald was too busy soaking up the attention, loving all eyes on him,  with that grin on his face he forgot the reason why they were there.

Author — RSPainter


What did the Easter bunny see inside the White house, to have that face of pure shock?

Author — W P


The immigrant had to remind the President of the United States to put his hand on his chest during the national anthem.

Wow, only in Trump's America

Author — James Burgess


I laugh to hide my anxiety for our future.

Author — SydCho


Looney Toons playing in the background as they discuss missiles and the prospect of war. Maybe Jesus did show up for a prophetic moment.

Author — Tim Gapinski


who else is reading the comments after watching the video to see people's reactions?

Author — Day Legend


This whole administration is filled with Looney tunes.

Author — Anthony Mcqueen


Oh my god. The rabbit looks like a cross between Bannon and Spicer, and Melania looks completely bored. And the "that's all folks" Loony Tunes playing in the background? We're living in the Twilight Zone, people.

Author — Dawn Adriana


Melania poking Trump when he forgot to put his hand up for the anthem. Just lmao. The man has no idea what to do with his little hands.

That's not the only time either. Trump posted a photo on instagram for Easter and he is all rigid with his hand at his sides, while Melania tries desperately to make it look like they're a couple.

Author — Mr EpicTruth


On a serious note, what will Trump do to Melania when he sees the media making fun of him for this?

Author — Skippy K


The only time Republicans let women control their eggs.

Author — Docktor Jim


not even Rabbit Jesus could make Trump behave accordingly during national

Author — Karolus Magnus