Cocos Island - The mysterious island in the Pacific

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Cocos Island - The mysterious island in the Pacific 4.5

Coconut Island protrudes from the Pacific Ocean as the peak of a lone volcano, far off the Costa Rican coast. At the end of the 18th century, the English author Robert Louis Stevenson is said to have received the inspiration for his novel „Treasure Island“ here.

The tiny island comprises just 25 sqm² and is covered by an impenetrable jungle. Numerous streams, waterfalls and gorges epitomise the world‘s largest uninhabited rain forest island. Due to its isolation, unique flora and fauna have developed here. Today, as a national park and world natural heritage, the island is closely supervised by park rangers.

The outstanding underwater world surrounding the island abounds with marine fauna of every description. Hardly any other destination is as well-known for its countless large fish varieties, especially hammerhead, reef and offshore sharks. The film‘s author submerged to depths up to 400 meters on board the „Deep Sea“, a modern research submarine. During the dive, he ucceeded in shooting material of rare deep sea fish and shark species, which have never before been sighted near Coconut Island.

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how beautiful is nature when left in peace

Author — Claude Camilleri


Can we have MORE commercials? There really wasn't enough.

Author — Sportschick


10x more rainfall than Germany. Since when has German rainfall been the meteorological benchmark? :)

Author — TS50ER


i hope they keep away those Chinese fishing ships that steal our natural resources!

Author — Nico Montinola


4:07 - Interesting to see Roy M getting top billing with the famous Jacques Cousteau LOL.

Author — Divergent Droid


okay now that you've seen it, leave it alone!

Author — Marky King Bar


It is more about the Pacific than about Cocos

Author — Showdown


A pearl left in peace by human contact. How gorgeous! May it continue to thrive without us.

Author — Darkboy2525


Let's hope they will never find one golden item on that island....

Author — evil Duck


Amagine how was the earth when it was freshly created, just imagine...

Author — Rick Ricky


It would have been nice to see the WHOLE documentary.

Author — Deebz270


Man needs to stay away from it before they destroy it!!!

Author — Napi Omahkapi si


"the world‘s largest uninhabited rain forest island."

"... is permanently guarded, the park rangers are the islands' only human residents"

If there are rangers there permanently living in a building then it's NOT "uninhabited"!!!!

Author — Victorian Sculptures


Im glad that the island visits is strictly regulated

Author — Neilvin Celis


Why interrupt all the commercials with video of some island?

Author — Astroanthropoid


The commercials on the video are painful

Author — Luke Rich


Majestically beautiful underwater shows. Thank you for sharing.

Author — Noreak


I was there once on that same boat doing research. I did a solo night dive to set some small crab traps under the boat in supposedly 35 ft of water, but the boat drifted into deeper water. My dive light had pressure problems and it blacked out at 55 ft, still no bottom, and me with meat baited traps in shark infested waters with no light. It sucked!

The island is named after a grove of coconut trees up on the plateau of the island. They were supposedly planted there by precontact natives who traveled the 300 miles from the mainland in canoes, but it is also possible that they were planted by whalers who also dropped off pigs on the island as emergency rations. I don't think there are any goats, but I could be wrong.

Author — Tyrander165


it may be the place where rainforests endure, after most of the other forests have burned up. glad it is far from the continental fires

Author — Fox1nDen


How beautiful and abundant the oceans can be without the impact of humans!

Author — The Gentle Walk