How to Make Stained Glass Window Clip-ons for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder Terrain (WCV 118)

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How to Make Stained Glass Window Clip-ons for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder Terrain (WCV 118) 5
Grafix Medium Chipboard:
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You're my favorite crafting channel by far! Really interesting idea

Author — Jacob Eckstein


If you want an even easier option for stained glass, look for printer transparency film. Several office stores still carry it and you can normally find it on amazon. You can either use markers for it, or just run it through an inkjet printer and cut to fit, perhaps adding the lining if it isn't dark enough for you.

Author — AzraelThanatos


I love your channel, "but"... please don't cut to the chase so much!
As a fellow engineer by education, I understand your attraction to economy of effort, and to avoiding what appears to be duplication of effort. I love your results, but still pics could show that. I tune in to watch your process, and I don't mind (and even enjoy) hearing/watching you do what may seem to be the same techniques in multiple projects.

Author — displacedjim


I've always used transparencies and a laser printer. If you don't have a CMYK printer at home just make a trip to you local FedEx Office, Office Depot, Staples or UPS Store. The advantage of this is much more intricate and precise designs while still being able to do a rougher/more rustic design if you want.

The black lines are an absolute must though, the designs don't look right without them.

Author — The Badger


Nice! This definitely calls for the classic "crash through the glass" scenes in games

Author — Craft Nicks


Really great. Alternately, if you have a design, you can use a color printer and print on transparencies to get more detailed windows.

Author — The GameCraft Dragon


CA glue turns inkjet prints semitransparent. These won't be as transparent as sharpie + plastic, but you'll get finer detail.

Author — Philip Gwyn


Love this video, but then I haven't found one I didn't love so far. One question though, do you have a video that shows how to make the organ featured at the end, if you do I don't remember it nor can I find it..

Author — Fnordathoth


awesome craft and that.... that!!!
all my best Wyloch

Author — factoria tabletop


Such a simple and effective idea. Can’t wait to try this out! Doing DnD in Hyrule- this would make our Temple of Time look great!

Author — Damon Warnock


Great job! I have been using colored markers for stain glass for a while. Now I need to make them in clip on form. Thanks!

Author — The Grizzled Warmaster


Really like your videos Wyloch! Great content and just the right duration. There are some crafting videos in the wild that are a pain to watch. ie. Too long or too drawn with unnecessary details. Keep it up

Author —


Wow! that's a great technique! They were both awesome, but I actually liked his first one without the black.

Author — Slimey Slime


If you made a quick stencil for the design and spray painted it on you'd recreate the non-transparent lead layer that holds the glass panels together in real stained glass as well as having it be a bit neater and easier for making multiple windows. Then you'd just need to fill in all the gaps with the sharpies. Might be worth giving a bash, but regardless this is really cool and i cant wait to try it out.

Author — Chris



I should also say be careful when using hot glue on plastic, if the plastic isn't that thick. It will melt, trust me I have some sad stories about hot glue and plastic :/

Author — Wouldntyouliketo know


Very nice!!! I did the same technique using a silver Sharpie to make solar panels. I did the lines in silver on both sides, then put it on a piece of flat black plastic. Came out great.

Author — James Miller


Using Sharpies was a great move! I like using metallic colors on minis and terrain too. Great idea for the stained glass!!

Author — Crafts And Minis


2 extra points for the intro... Was the collar insert cardstock? Rofl

Author — Eric Mallory


Those windows look smashing! Love the intro too, you sounded like one of the aliens from Galaxy Quest ><

Author — Lewis Harris


Great video again!
Using black window color contouring paint instead of a black sharpie could give a cool 3d effect, what do you think?

Author — Daniel Krause