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You're new? Well, good job finding the description! Let you in on a secret.. Most people don't! Anyways, thanks for stopping by! I play games of all types, talk crap, you know the deal. It's Youtube. Hope you like it! :3

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“Every other planet looks just like Utah”
Me, a Utahn: yeah, you’re right 😂

Author — Good Golly Miss Molly


That isn't actually the end of the universe, this simulation shows just the observable universe. The big bang has gotten thousands of times further essentially, we will never actually know... There's a chance that it doesn't actually show the "whole" observable universe, maybe a bit less but still crazy how big it is for how little amount of the universe this portrays.

Author — Stay High


a "C" is the speed of light. 2c is 2x the speed of light.

Author — Valthirian Sunstrider


Having just seen The Last Jedi, this was a fascinating experience. It's one thing to know how big the universe is, but to see it firsthand, you can see why certain factions in... well, any space franchise, can hide and never be found.

Author — AviDragonLady


Space is such a fascinating place. I'm just...I'm at a loss for words.

As for C, apparently it stands for speed of light. So let's say you're going 5c. 5 times the speed of light. (Unless I'm wrong and can't remember what I learned in my astronomy class.)

Author — Irina Davis


Listen, look, listen.. I can't tell you what to do but I really want.. I would really like.. I wish you'd.. I'd love.. I'd really appreciate a part 2. Please, sir.

Author — UltraMarine


So damn cool. I love space so much.

When we zoomed out and saw all those galaxies, my mind was just blown. Thank you for this.

Author — Thomas Godridge


Is ... Absolutely amazing. I love this and anything like it. I really enjoy thinking about how HUGE our universe is and the endlessness of it. This is truly awesome ❤️

Author — Nixi Pixi


This video and the knowledge that Robin has have left me speechless. Thanks for this vid, Robin!🧡

Author — MIchael Ramos


Space is just a fascinating place
I just want to say some of my favourite things that I learnt from my astronomy module at university about our own solar system.

1. Enceladus: a moon of saturn, due to resonant orbits with other moons it is not perfectly circular leading to internal heating causing huge geysers of salty water. (Go look at pictures)

2. Helium rain on Saturn: Saturn's temperature is too high for the energy it gets from the sun and the planet is too small for residual energy from formation. The answer is helium rain, the helium loses gravitational potential energy which is converted to heat. (this will happen to jupiter some day)

3. Io plasma torus: due to tidal forces, eruptions occur on io, this matter interacts with Jupiter's magnetic field creating a plasma ring in io's orbit

4. Callisto's Valhalla crater (frozen ripples of an impact)

5. Bands of Jupiter: The different colours in jupiter are due to different temperatures and convection currents, hot material is bright in colour and rises and cool material is dark and sinks.

6. Weird magnetic fields in Uranus and Neptune: the magnetic fields produced by Neptune and Uranus are in very weird positions on the planets. (Other planets normally on rotational axis but U & N no where near on axis)

7. Trojan asteroids: these asteroids sit in a place where they lead or follow Jupiter's orbit, a place of stable gravitational potential energy. They are not part of the asteroid belt, and just sit in their spot always the same distance from Jupiter.

Thank you for reading my list, astronomy is so cool, and space in general. The last point I first read about in a book called Calculating the Cosmos by Ian Stewart, I recomend it very much if you are interested in astronomy, I was very pleased to see the trojan asteroids in a lecture, it was one of the things that made me fall in love with astronomy as all you ever hear about is the asteroid belt but these asteroids just sit in place all the time following Jupiter's orbit.
I hope someone got something out of my ramble and Merry Christmas.

Author — Alex Titcomb


Ive been to a small pueblo in Spain when I lived there. I was about 11 and I remember the view of the milky way. It was beautiful and mind blowing

Author — Smorri


I actually love this and you did such a good job explaining things to the viewers, as space is a complicated place

Author — Callixx06


I'm sorry but how tf have more people not seen this, this video is a masterpiece, honestly tho this game literally fills me with sm happiness thank you for sharing

Author — Ben McIntosh


I’d love to see Robin and a astronomer/physicist/etc be going thru a simulation like this and Robin ask questions and such. Since Robin actually seems to have a good understanding of a lot of things, he’d be able to ask better or deeper questions than you usually hear on shows that just give basic info. Plus I think he’d get a kick out of being able to talk to people like that.

Author — David Komai


Fantastic video! This was amazing to watch. Absolutely love it. It's all super fascinating. Hearing you talk about it and explain some things was super cool, too! I adore this, thank you for showing it!
Edit; I also really like that ending ;p well done :D

Author — KellyxCleo


Looking for games my mother would like and she's gonna LOVE this!

Author — Arvensis Andromeda


I learned more from you than I ever did in any science class in grade school. This was so fun to watch. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Author — wicked_Italian


you deserve more attention, it's just somehow really fun to watch you do stuff and just talk. THAT IS REALLY EPIC

Author — Mr. Magnus


Even crazier when you hear that this game was made by one dude who built an engine from scratch and made a universe that you can explore for almost forever

Author — EekEek14


This is SO cool!! Please mr spaceman, take us on another trip! <3

Author — kattekaren