Emulating 16mm or 35mm Film // Color Grading Tutorial

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Hopefully this video wasn't too hard to follow along to, especially for those that are new to Davinci Resolve. I'd definitely recommend for you to first go the free route and see what you can do without having to spend money, then you can decide if you want to invest into a film emulation tool.

Everything spoken about in the video is linked below-

Video resources that have helped me with Film Emulation-

Footage in the video was shot with the following-

0:00 Intro
1:38 Method #1: Film Vision ($45)
7:20 Method #2: Resolve FPE Luts (Free)
14:56 Method #3: Juan Melara PG (Pay what you want)
18:30 Method #4: Dehancer OFX ($399)
21:45 Quick Grain Exporting Tip
22:30 Comparison of 4 Methods
22:54 Outro

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Beautiful as always. Also, very, very informative. Thanks for breaking it down in so many ways. For someone who’s interested in getting started with coloring in Resolve, where would you recommend someone start?

Author — Marissa Roxas


You're the man dude! Was so excited for this video to be published. I'll start experimenting with the free version and maybe get one of the paid ones as well.
Since I'm not that experienced with davinci, it was sometimes hard to keep up with what you were doing with the nodes. Luckily this is yt and I can rewatch everything. Incredible work man, loved the footage

Author — Joep Wilmink


Great tutorial, explanation and demonstration of all the techniques. I purchased Dehancer a long time ago and it was a game changer.

Author — bangersallday


Really great workflow, I can tell you put a ton of time and thought into your powergrade

Author — Evan Schneider


For those looking for a from scratch tutorial, it starts at 7:20 :)

Also, If there are enough of y’all that are on Premier pro, Final Cut Pro, etc., I can work on also selling the LUT by itself and converting my looks into a lut pack. So let me know if that would be something a lot of you all would be interested in!

Edit: the LUT pack is now available in my store!


Author — serr


I have a question for Davinci users on grading an entire video. I use premiere and make a base color edit on an adjustment layer( Entire sequence), then individually tweak clips if I have to. All the davinci videos I've seen just edit individual clips. What is your workflow to edit an entire video with clips that may have different WB or maybe two different cameras where the setting may have been different? Im trying to move over to davinci for color grading.

Author — Erik Lucatero


you help the community so much, good stuff man<3

Author — River Clark


Great video, I've been finding myself coming back to this video when I grade my stuff. May I ask what is the source footage the samples you showed at around 5:36 mark? Thank you

Author — Vincent Tan


Will you make a premiere version as well?:)

Author — Magda Reyman


i haven't skipped any of the ads because this video, and you, fully deserve it. this video has no use for me now except for entertainment, but i'm sure it will in the future. also happy to be a real one :)

Author — ymm


thank you for this video.... I'm sooo into vintage aesthetics these days ❤️

Author — Rick 8589


Great tutorial, really like the way you explained everything, l like your videos a lot, thank you<3

Author — Sekie Art


Brooo loved this video! Really appreciate how in depth you went with the different methods

Author — Cameron Clayton


This is SOO helpful. Thank you very much for sharing this.

Author — JF Aguilar


What would a super high quality 35mm or 70mm IMAX film stock LUT look like? What would you do to replicate that look?

Author — TN


Great job with the Power grade! We all love that film look 😉

Author — Victorfilm


I bought your film vision pack with your LUT and the POWERGRADE. I am really happy with my purchase, you did an excellent job on creating this nostalgic 16mm-feeling. Cheers!

Author — Jan Ulmann


amazing content dude, you share a lot of techniques, keep it up🔥🔥🔥🔥

Author — Yahya Hudan


Hi, Congrats for the great video. Is there any way to use your Film Vision Powergrade with an HDR output grade? How?

Author — Rubén Torrejón


my favorite youtube channel right now. I'm only just getting into photography and videography, but nothing has inspired me quite like your content

Author — Steven Macker