Review - Remnant From the Ashes - A BRILLIANT Gem in the Rough

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Review - Remnant From the Ashes - A BRILLIANT Gem in the Rough 5
Remnant: From the Ashes utilizes procedural generation for not just the environment, but enemy position, and boss selection. The game is a 40 dollar example of true value that certainly has its flaws, but is a testament to the scope of content that all games should aim to ship with.

I encountered some glitches, bugs, and other negative aspects... but I look forward to playing the game further and can easily recommend it to anyone who might be even remotely interested in trying it out.

Final rating, 8 out of 10 on average, if you encounter a larger number of problems perhaps a 7, but also approaching the possibility of a 9. VERY refreshing in the modern industry.

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Author — Upper Echelon Gamers


They said there won't be microtransactions. Just paid and free expansions.

Author — RiPpEd_1


This game gets high praise from an age where throw away mobile games and should be free to play sports games dominate the market....this game is a perfect example of what you can do in the gaming world without excess greed.

Author — Lee DuFour


So: Buy this game because is well made. Perfect for me.

Author — Gabriel Alejandro Pandiella Rodriguez


The thumbnail should have been brilliant, bold, broken

Author — Alex Carter


I didn't know this existed and it looks AMAZING. Thank you for making this video!!

Author — Amocoru


No issues with the way they have the controls set up on PC. It works great actually.

Author — DJ525


I love this game. Though there are some nods to Dark Souls, it also reminds me of games like Fallout and the metro series in terms of atmosphere. My friends and I are having a blast with it.

Author — Clarence Dass


I was already considering this game so thank you for this.

Author — Hernandez048


This game is the dark souls of loot shotters

Author — Don't Subscribe


That's interesting, on pc I've only run into one bug and it was with an elite getting stuck in a particular animation.

Author — Roberto De La Torre


I bought the game due to your review, its downloading now and I'm looking forward to playing it.

Author — Shawn Adams


Waiting for another month before jumping in. Need to see if the developer is on the up and up.

Author — blackcat7k


It looked pretty sweet on your live stream. Wisconsin!

Author — Anthony Cappozzo


glad to see this review. I am really contemplating getting this game

Author — The Mad Salvi


Hey Upper Echelon I got the game and I really like it but it is very difficult, I got shroud as my first boss.

Author — Crypto Nerdo 3000


“Games are too expensive to make. We have to charge 60 dollars and add a rng loot system that encourages gambling well after we promised we wouldn’t do that”
-a solid game with rewarding base gameplay and content progression is released for $40 and is well worth more-

Glad to see some people still make Video Games.

Author — Ed WeTodd


Can you review hunt: showdown when it comes out of alpha?

Author — Big Smoke


I guess you could call remnant a “Rooter Shooter”

Author — Jason Staton


Glitchy? Broken? Guess I'm lucky...plays great for me.

Author — Valkyrie27