Review - Remnant From the Ashes - A BRILLIANT Gem in the Rough

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Review - Remnant From the Ashes - A BRILLIANT Gem in the Rough 5

Remnant: From the Ashes utilizes procedural generation for not just the environment, but enemy position, and boss selection. The game is a 40 dollar example of true value that certainly has its flaws, but is a testament to the scope of content that all games should aim to ship with.

I encountered some glitches, bugs, and other negative aspects... but I look forward to playing the game further and can easily recommend it to anyone who might be even remotely interested in trying it out.

Final rating, 8 out of 10 on average, if you encounter a larger number of problems perhaps a 7, but also approaching the possibility of a 9. VERY refreshing in the modern industry.

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Author — Upper Echelon Gamers


This game gets high praise from an age where throw away mobile games and should be free to play sports games dominate the market....this game is a perfect example of what you can do in the gaming world without excess greed.

Author — Ldeue4


So: Buy this game because is well made. Perfect for me.

Author — Gabriel Alejandro Pandiella Rodriguez


The thumbnail should have been brilliant, bold, broken

Author — Alex Carter


I didn't know this existed and it looks AMAZING. Thank you for making this video!!

Author — Amocoru


No issues with the way they have the controls set up on PC. It works great actually.

Author — DJ525


I love this game. Though there are some nods to Dark Souls, it also reminds me of games like Fallout and the metro series in terms of atmosphere. My friends and I are having a blast with it.

Author — Clarence Dass


I guess you could call remnant a “Rooter Shooter”

Author — Jason Staton


Waiting for another month before jumping in. Need to see if the developer is on the up and up.

Author — blackcat7k


I bought the game due to your review, its downloading now and I'm looking forward to playing it.

Author — Shawn Adams


I was already considering this game so thank you for this.

Author — Hernandez048


That's interesting, on pc I've only run into one bug and it was with an elite getting stuck in a particular animation.

Author — Roberto De La Torre


Hey Upper Echelon I got the game and I really like it but it is very difficult, I got shroud as my first boss.

Author — Crypto Nerdo 3000


Glitchy? Broken? Guess I'm lucky...plays great for me.

Author — Valkyrie27


glad to see this review. I am really contemplating getting this game

Author — The Mad Salvi


I have been enjoying this game immensely over the weekend after a very generous friend surprised me with a copy.

It's incredibly inventive and engaging, rough around the edges but has given me a joy playing with friends I haven't had for a long time.

Absolutely worth it, and this review is honest and informative in my opinion. I love hardcore arena fps, diablo, souls, sekiro, wow raiding all on PC. This somehow scratches ALL those itches. My friends and I can't stop playing it. My $0.02.

Author — wro


"the game takes around 16 hours to complete"

LMFAO, ive played that long and havent beaten the first freaking level. of course ive played through twice, once solo. the bosses can be almost impossible with a low level second player.

Author — Trevor Fitzroy


Game was janky when I first played it, , the camera movement. But it does have a dark souls base to it. And a destiny look. Mixed with gears of war character handling/ movement. But loving it now, once I adjusted to the camera. Maybe if it had a lock on option like Dark souls has, that would be awesome.

Author — KrypT


“Games are too expensive to make. We have to charge 60 dollars and add a rng loot system that encourages gambling well after we promised we wouldn’t do that”
-a solid game with rewarding base gameplay and content progression is released for $40 and is well worth more-

Glad to see some people still make Video Games.

Author — Ed WeTodd


Darksouls? Looks more Hellgate: London like to me than anything else. :P

Author — Laz