Can Maths Predict the Future? - Hannah Fry at Ada Lovelace Day 2014

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Can Maths Predict the Future? - Hannah Fry at Ada Lovelace Day 2014 5

Hannah Fry shows how maths can explain real world events. From crimes to relationships, patterns in numbers such as Benford's law on the prevalence of numbers starting with 1', help us predict the future.

Dr Hannah Fry is a UCL lecturer in the Mathematics of Cities, whose TEDx talk has been viewed over half a million times. She’ll show how maths can be used to predict the future.

This was filmed at the Ri at Ada Lovelace Day 2014. Ada Lovelace Day is an international celebration of the achievements of women in STEM. For one night only, the Ri hosted a ‘cabaret of science’ for Ada Lovelace Day 2014, with talks and performances from Roma Agrawal, Caro C, Hannah Fry, Konnie Huq, Turi King and more, all sharing their inspirations and their passion for science, technology, engineering and maths.

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well, that demonic whispering in the middle of the video just delayed my sleep by about 4 hours, great video though

Author — Uchiha Madara


5:41 creepy whispering lady :D "Only needs mike" or something, haha

Author — Cooking With Cows


I need to stop watching videos of her, otherwise I'll fall in love... again.

Author — Suave Atore


I especially liked the part with the unholy demon creature whispering in the background.
Bit ironic really, considering the venue...

Author — LaMaisondeCasaHouse


Math can predict my future: If i can handle linear algebra equations i will become an engineer, if not i won't become an engineer.

Author — Plasmabeam431


Ginger, extremely inteligent, and with a nice sense of humor.
And she has a very sexy accent too
Perfection exists!

Author — marcelosinico


''Basicaly, man fancy women''
Statement that should never be undermined

Author — Grubiantoll


Distracted by beautiful redhead with lovely accent.

Author — Velexia Ombra


5:41 No you do not all of the sudden have developed shizophrenia. The whispering voices you heard are on the video track :) Don't panic, it's all good.

Author — EarlGrey


Hannah has been everywhere on youtube recently. 

Author — John Hunter


Hannah Fry shows how maths can explain real world events in her talk from Ada Lovelace Day 2015.

Author — The Royal Institution


I can predict the future!

2015 + 1 = 2016

2016 is going to be the year after 2015.


Author — ActivationKnee


Hannah Fry= a beautiful woman + smart woman + beautiful accent :3 ♡♡♡

Author — Savage User


Anyone hear strange whispering at 5:40?

Author — frostcrackle


Thankyou RI for making me spill my coffee all over the coffee table, here I was all alone having an afternoon brew when some weird spooky whispering came through the surround speakers behind thanks a bunch...

about 05:40 ish...

Author — lez briddon


She could have easily been casted as an elf in LOTR :D And with no make-up!

Author — polymath


Does that mean a burglar can look at the same distribution to know where not to rob?

Author — Venturi


It's that lovely lady from the RPS video from Numberphile.
get hype

Author — yayoya


Funny, I'm nearly done reading Prelude to Foundation and I suddenly get from Numberphile to someone talking about - well, psychohistory by Hari Seldon ;-)

Author — Kasane1337


"1 in 6 guys is above average" That brings up an interesting question actually, about what is meant by  "average".

Author — Jacques Fisher