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English bulldogs have a sweet disposition, are predictable, dependable and excellent with children and need only moderate exercise.

 The Bulldog’s origin lies in the cruel sport of bull baiting, which originated in England around the thirteenth century. The dog’s purpose was to attack and madden the bull by grabbing it, usually by the nose, and not releasing its grip. Not only was this considered entertainment, but it also was believed that a bull’s meat was tastier if the bull was baited before being butchered.

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I just buried my macey, she was 13 and was the best companion I could have ever asked for. Ill always miss her 😢

Author — Scott Thomas


It’s a shame such a great breed has been rendered useless. They can’t even breed on their own.

Author — AL


“Excellent with children” my bulldog rams into my child 😆

Author — Veronica E


I came here after my dog passed away. Rest in peace bubu

Author — long 4500


I didn’t have any problems when I had one. We kept him perfect and healthy and he was the best dog I can ask for

Author — C.A


I have an EB! He is a year and 10 months old at the moment. Fell in love with him ❤️ we got him at 3 months. He loves to play, jump off the couch, runs up and down the stairs... He loves chasing cardboard boxes and ripping them apart. My husband always plays with him. We have gone on 2 mile walks.... He is doing great so far. The only health conditions he's had was he had Pneumonia when we had just gotten him, allergies, and an Interdigital Cyst on his paw that goes away. He is SO SMART and he loves to cuddle and be petted by people. He is such a sweet, precious, creature. I was never a pet person but all of a sudden I fell in love with a dog lol my Bully Baby.

Author — SopranoJessi


Have you done one on Akita’s, Irish Terrier’s, or Plott hounds? Great information; I look forward to each episode.

Author — Mrs. in TN


I really love this channel. So very informative 💖 I would kind of like to see something done on rescue dogs and pound dogs. I watched the video awhile back on breeds best suited for moms and as a hippie mom I must respectfully disagree with the labs being chosen for the hippie moms. Although labs were on our list of possible breeds to add to our family, we felt strongly that rescue of our AmStaff mix from the pound was the best choice. I feel more hippie moms have rescue dogs. I needed that dog that needed me and am just head over paws in love with this pup! Thank you for great content, looking forward to what’s next. 🙏🏻 🐾☮️💜🦋🌱🌼

Author — Just Grow


My in-laws have English Bulldogs and they are great dogs. The vet bills, though...unreal.

Author — Space Monkey


I’ve had three EB over twenty-five years. My favorite breed. My last female Lola was bigger than all the boys in my neighborhood. She was 80lbs. and very healthy most of her life. She passed at 13years. Although she was heavy for a Bulldog, she was tall and her physique carried her very well and beautifully.

Author — Angel Blanco


Great video I had two 3yr old EBs that went missing about a month ago, & this vid made me cry because one of the dogs looks like my Harley. I just pray that whoever has them are taking care of them

Author — Peyton Austin


My dog, Chewie, is a brindle English Bulldog.
I love him so so much, and help keep him healthy.
However he has had various health issues, such as: Cherry eye, breathing problems, overheating, etc.
He really isn't a working dog at all due to his trouble breathing and risk of overheating. But he is an amazing companion and I love to have him around, he is a great dog and this video did help me understand my dog a bit better.

Author — Rand9mH7man


It's so funny and adorable how the dogs play fight in this video 😂

Author — Ray Saldana


These are some of the cutest puppies ever



my English Bulldog is one big baby!! She turns into goo when anyone talks to her. Matter if fact, if people try to ignore her, she will just walk up to them & offer a huge smile.

Author — Karen Murphy


too many health issues, ended up getting a bullmastiff instead. just as loving and a great home protector as well

Author — Xan


I love them but the health concerns rule them out for me

Author — Rob Baker


The APBT is the true Bulldog and can still take the bull by the nose.

Author — wilbert hood


I would like to know more about the Australian Kelpie, the Jack Russell and the Boerboel!

Author — Rodney Brown


I love my gorda!!! Best dog I ever owned ❤️

Author — Erick