Brushless DC motor animation

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  • ℹ️ Published 8 years ago

This animation shows the correct sequence for commutating a three phase brushless DC motor containing four rotor poles and six stator poles.

Three hall-effect sensors are included with 120 degree spatial separation. The hall sensor output waveforms are shown, which drive the commutation process. The three phase voltage waveforms are also shown, including the effects of inductive flyback. The voltage waveforms are synchronised to an inverter diagram showing which transistors are driven for each commutation state.

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Is it possible to control 20 brushless drivers with only one variable resistance for speed in all drivers
Also, is it possible to control the movement of all drives from one selector only?

Author — Saleh Mohamed


how does an inverter air conditioning compressor work like this?

Author — Kris BLK


Very nice demo
I also posted some bldc motor projects pls see

Author — Pugals Tech


why does a phase sometimes turn off, turn back on and then slowly fade out?

Author — ac1d ra1n