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Movie : Zameer
Director : Ravi Chopra
Producer : B.R Chopra
Writers : Akhtar-Ul-Iman & C.J. Pavri
Star Cast : Amitabh Bachchan, Saira Banu, Shammi Kapoor, Madan Puri & Others.

Maharaj Singh is a proud owner of several derby-winning stallions, and lives in a palatial farmhouse with his wife, Rukmini and young son, Chimpoo. One day dacoits attack his farmhouse with a view of stealing the stallions, but Maharaj fights them, killing the son of the leader of the dacoits, Maan Singh. Maan Singh swears to avenge the death of his son, and abducts Chimpoo. Years later, a servant of Maharaj, Ram Singh, brings a young man named Badal into the Singhs lives, and tells them that he is their missing son Chimpoo. Both Maharaj, Rukmini, and their daughter, Sunita, are delighted at having Chimpoo back in their lives. Then Badal and Sunita fall in love with each other. It is then Badal confesses to Maharaj that he is not Chimpoo, but a former convicted jailbird, who was asked to impersonate him by an embittered Ram Singh. Maharaj does not want to relay this information to an ailing Rukmini, and decides to keep it quiet for the rest of their lives. But sooner or later Rukmini is bound to find out - especially when Badal and Sunita openly show their love - will this shock of an intimate brother and a sister spare her or has fate something else in store for her.

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💬 Comments

Amitabh Before Never Again in History.

Author — rajesh gadiya


After watching this movie 40yrs ago, still very interested film

Author — Abdullah Shuwa Musa


Missing Shammi Kapoor, what an actor he was!

Author — Me Myself


My favourite movie &my favourite hero.
Legend Amitabh Bachchan😎 &
Beautiful songs in the voice of legend Kishore da🤗🤗🤗❤

Author — Tejas Jagtap


अमिताभ बच्चन जी का प्रभाव फिल्म पर है इसी से फिल्म भी प्रभावी हो गई है❤️

Author — Pradeep ramakrishna


Such nice chemistry between Shammi Kapoor & Amitabh!

Author — Rabia 10


Saira Banu is one of the loveliest and most beautiful Indian actresses of all times 😊❤

Author — Muhammad Dawood


It's, no doubt, a nice movie of high morality.

Author — OPS Singh


Zameer, jaisa film ka naam waisa hi is film mein amitabh bachchan ka kaam.super hit film.

Author — Sheikh Imran


A dazzling beauty

My Beautiful Wife
She is so so cute n pretty enough 💓 her cuteness overloaded
I luv her more than of my life
I can't live without her
She is my fiinner breath

Author — Ravindra Pathak


Please upload Mashaal of Anil Kapoor and Dilip Kumar I m waiting for a long time

Author — Ashfaq Lakhani


Aise mahan vaktitav ke dhani abitabh bachhan .... aaj bhi jab inki movi dektata hua to mere bachpan Ka Sapna punarjeevit ho jaata hai ...itna aakarshan hai inke vaktitva me

Author — priyanshu kumar


Please upload movie OMG mithun chakravarti and paresh rawal

Author — Shivprakash Rajpoot