Tropical Islands Resort in a German Blimp Hanger

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Tropical Islands Resort is Europe's largest tropical holiday resort, situated in the world's largest blimp hanger in Germany.

The Resort is actually located, on the site of a former Soviet Military Air Base in Krausnick, Germany, inside a hangar built originally to house zeppelin airships, designed to haul long-distance cargo.

This gargantuan hangar is huge, and is the biggest free-standing hall in the world., it is 1,181 feet long, 689 feet wide, and 351 feet tall. To put that in perspective, you can fit inside eight football fields and the Statue of Liberty, or you could slide the Eiffel tower in on it’s side.

The rainforest is said to be the biggest indoor rainforest replica in the world, and is home to 50,000 plants of 600 different species, plus various exotic birds, turtles and fish, there is also a 3,000 square metres Sea with a 200-metre-long beach that stretches along its shoreline.

If you are interested in going, you can expect to pay about $49 euros for a day tick for per adult, and about $120 euro if you are staying the night.

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♦ 66,000 metres squared of floor space
♦ 360 metres long
♦ 210 metres wide
♦ 107 metres high
♦ 50,000 plants
♦ 600 different species
♦ 26C air temperature
♦ 40-60 per cent humidity
♦ 6,000 people can be there at a time
♦ 535 beds
♦ 138 tents
♦ 7 different saunas




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NOTE: I had a representative from Tropical Island Resort comment on the video in an email, of some factual changes. I was able to remove 2 words which were a minor change, but as for the information of international guests, I could not change, so I have added to the FAQ Below.

*1) Tropical Island Resort representative says* - We host international guests at Tropical Islands. Round about 80 percent of our customers are from Germany. But the other 20 percent come from abroad, but only from Poland. Many guests come from the Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands and Denmark.

Author — Wonder World


"You know what they say, if you can't bring people to Fiji, bring Fiji to the people."

No one has ever said that.

Author — The Basketball Historian


I think it is a good idea and it is better than having an old building decaying and becoming an eye sore. Of course it is not Hawaii or the Caribbean, but if you don't have the money and the time to take your family of four on a trip around the world, I think this is a good option. They probably employ a lot of people as well, which is good for that particular region's economy year round. Just my opinion, you don't have to agree with it.

Author — Tele Opinions


Sometimes you just need that warmer, humid climate in the middle of winter. A genius idea instead of tearing it down.

Author — pik k


This is really quite a cool idea, and fascinating to see just how well it was pulled off - I'm from the UK, but I definitely want to visit!

Author — RCT3Crashes100


Just for context: the building was built for a project called „Cargo Lifter“. It was an ultra-heavy-cargo project, whereby airships were planned to transport cargo of up to 1, 000 tons heavy. A German house maker even pre-ordered two of the airships to distribute entire full-brick houses across Europe. The project however was completely mis-planned and poorly managed, leading the Cargo Lifter to never make it to the market. The project was ended in 2001, leaving this huge building empty in the middle of nowhere.

Author — Lars


I've been there 3 times and I loved it, I loved how the peacocks walked freely around. And the warm sand but there were insects in it. The very first time I was there the air was very suffocating and it was hot. You could smell the wood and the trees. Every day it was something new to do and try you did not get bored. In the nighttime, you could go to a club or maybe a spa or watch a movie on a big screen

Author — Sweet ASMR


I swear this place is from my childhood dreams
No joke! All its missing is a massive bouncy castle.

Author — K G


Would be awesome if they could project the day sky with clouds and night sky with stars and the moon 🌚 to complete the experience

Author — Truth Seeker


I've visited the park twice now and it's really quite cool though their slide portfolio should be expanded. Some of the slides have up towards 45 minute queues, even on relatively quiet days and they are doing something at least. They're currently in the middle of replacing the little water playground by the beach with a much larger verson with a bunch of big slides attached, including one of those where you go into a massive bowl and drop through the center.

Author — DrDewott


They also opend a outdoor area with pools and slides in 2018, of course only open during the summer, but it is even bigger now

Author — Alex Rajcevic


This actually would be a cool idea to have tons of these all with different themes instead of traditional cities

Author — アジサイ


How wonderful ! I salute the imagination and hard work of whoever dreamed this up! When there is something magnificent that is not being used anymore, you should use it for something else, not tear it down. Bravo !

Author — Ronal


I imagine Moonbases and space stations will be like this in the future for crew morale, species preservation, air recycling and fresh produce.

Author — Socks With Sandals


I've been there, it's a wonderful place, just i love it ❤

Author — Aurorita Essentials


Wonderful example of ingenuity, middle of the winter rainforest vacations, brilliant.

Author — Thomas D


This makes so much sense. Many of the coldest places where people reside are some of the richest areas or at least aren’t poor. Which makes building things like this a totally super smart idea. You could build a place like this large enough and literally live in any climate in any part of the world.

Author — Caleb McFarland


I visited Tropical Islands with my family last summer and omg it was so nice😍

Author — Lenaaa


Idk why but I've always wanted to go to an indoor town/city. Would be cool to spend the night here

Author — John Doe


That was awesome never been to Germany but seeing something like that that’s going to be the first place I go

Author — Jason Da Fonseca