Why Kik Messenger Is Shutting Down?

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Today Kik’s CEO Ted Livingston announced that,

the company is going to shut down its messaging app Kik.

And they’re going to focus completely on their cryptocurrency Kin.

So that they can convert more Kin users to buyers.

Also their whole team will be reduced to 19.

Which is gonna affect over 100 employees.

Kin may be is bringing more money to the company

But their messaging app was bringing more love to it.

As a result users aren’t happy about the decision.

But there’s still no official announcement from Kik social media yet.

So there’s a good chance things can change before the disaster.

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Kik was a big part of my every day life at finding new fiends and people I can chat with when Im ultimately bored. It also kept my spirits up at work and helped my night go by quicker. I have a wide variety of people I chat with and have met couples who befriended me and my future husband. It put all of us in a really bummed mood that it is shutting down. So now less of us speak and I have quite a few rooms. I would even pay a monthly fee to keep it.

Author — Alicia Dawn Schanie


Another passion project turned corporate? sad, truelly sad

Author — Helix Storm


Kik died 4 years ago because of the same management.

Author — Dustin B


Awh mahn 😢is this for real, that really sucks :( and I made so many friends there

Author — A Google user


No! I have close friends on kik! I use it like everyday! This is an outrage!

Author — RWBY Rose


Hopefully a Pro Kik Modder can Reverse engineer Kik's Coding/Plateform and make a Perfect copy of it, with some popular modd features made into it. Then upload it on the app store.

Author — Kaegan Thornhill


I’ve spent over 6 years on this app... there just aren’t any other apps with the same format and system, I mean really! Open group chats that you can search easily? Amino is the closest and it’s communities try to control the individual group chats so much.

Author — NegativeJam


wtf hopefully it's a fake news..I love kik I have lots of friends there..😭

Author — annie s


Honestly, Kik is one of the places my friends dont want to give up. So it's the only place I can talk with old friends on. But that won't change the Kik dev's from shutting it down. The only thing most of anyone sees in today's world, is money. And that's shameful of them. Kik was special to most people. And then here the owners are, shutting it down, over a symbol of money. That's one way to lose respect if you ask me.

Author — Mikatakuzu Jinokiteshifu


Time to fully move on onto discord now I guess

Author — AsagiHadal


this is so sad, kik has been in my life for like 7 years. sad to see it go but it’s for the best

Author — beth darley


Kinda makes me sad I’ve had Kik since it released on mobile it’s gone to trash they have a repo on github I’m gonna just try and run my out instance of the app for me and my friends

Author — Andrew B


Don't worry.
Have you all seen the screenshot saying "Thank you for being part of our family"?
It's fake, everyone got the same screenshot, it's photoshopped.
The troll probably made it look like Android OS cause most have Apple and they wouldn't know what Android actually looks like unless they used it before.
Stay calm, kik won't be shutting down.

Author — Ameurstihn


It's a terrible idea it a app to communicate and love just as much as the other app what if people don't or can't get other app other than Kik then who will to be blame what if someone needed a help from a close friend that moved or something that don't have any other way to message them but Kik hm how will they messaged them

Author — bloody kills


Now who am I gonna screw around with now🤦🏻‍♂️



They are spending all their money defending themselves against the predations of government! The company has to shut down kik because the SEC has a lawsuit against them for their KIN crypto token ICO!!

Author — Lyndo_rm


I'm gonna miss Kik haf many fond memories.

Author — The Science Fiction and HORROR AND FANTASY FAN.


Yay so my parents would stop cheating on each other.

Author — Opal Sky77


I have friends there. I hope this isn’t real.

Author — Lil Bahbah


I started using Kik bc it's so similar to YouTube chat that is shutting down now what hahaha

Author — Old School