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✧||Star vs. the Forces of Evil AMV|| Jarco✧

Time to give some light on Jackie Thomas & Marco Diaz :)
I know some of you like this shipping so I went on ahead and made this Jarco video.
Hope you enjoy!

Episodes and other info is down below~
I DO NOT OWN SVTFOE! All copyright claims belong to the creators and their creative wrtiers to it. The song belongs to its artist.
This is a fanmade video


Song: Hurt So Good
Artist: Carly Rae Jepsen
Show: Star vs. the Forces of Evil
Shipping: Jackie & Marco
Program used: Sony Vegas Pro 13

Star vs. the Forces of Evil Episodes Used
Season 1: Matchmaker, Monster Arm, Freeze Day.
Season 2: Sleepover, Bon Bon the Birthday Clown, Just Friends.

Star vs. the Forces of Evil AMV | Jarco | Marco Diaz |
Jackie Lynn Thomas | SVTFOE | Jacko

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Very good video !! I love this couple !

Author — @megansworld4032