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Quick & Easy Tiramisu | Antonio Carluccio 5

RIP dear Antonio. You will be truly missed. X

The legend that is Antonio Carluccio is back to share his delicious recipe for this classic Italian dessert. Tiramisu translates to "lift me up" and with layers of sweet mascarpone, espresso soaked biscuits and coffee liquor that's exactly what this mouthwatering dish promises to do -- go on Food Tubers, spoil yourselves.

What's your favourite Italian classic? If you have any great suggestions get in touch in the comments box below.

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What a legend! Such a great guy and one of my favourite desserts! :)

Author — Donal Skehan


Every other Tiramisu recipes needs hours of preparation and this cute as a button Italian Uncle sits in front of his dinner table with all the ingredients and have Tiramisu in less than ten minutes. Life is Good when you have such good human beings teaching you easy comfort food. RIP Antonio. You are AMAZING. 😍😘🥰🤗🍨

Author — Joye B


Rest in peace Antonio carluccio. You will be missed.

Author — Grant C.


First time I had real home made tiramisu in Italy my jaw dropped out of amazent and the tiramisu fell out.

Author — Maarten van Rossem Lezingen


DIRECTIONS (my attempt - remember you can taste while preparing, and change the quantities to your taste) :

1. Add one egg yolk in a recipient large enough to let you use a whisk comfortably.
2. Add some vanilla essence, about half a teaspoon.
3. Add 2 tablespoons of sugar.

Mix with the whisk until combined.

4. Add 250 grams of mascarpone and try to mix with the rest.
5. If it's obvious that it's too hard to mix, add a little bit of milk (about 3 tablespoons) and try again.
6. Keep mixing and maybe adding more milk if needed, until the cream has the consistency you want. Once the mascarpone yields, mixing becomes very easy and the cream becomes very smooth.

For the coffee: Use some espresso if you have, I didn't have any espresso so I used regular coffee instead.

7. Get a kettle and add a cup of water. Add three heaping teaspoons of coffee, four if you want it stronger.
8. Place on low heat, keep there until the coffee starts boiling (the foam rises to the top). Remove from heat and pour the coffee in a small bowl.
9. Add Kahlua liqueur if you want to, about a tablespoon. I did not have any so I skipped this.
10. Add 1 tablespoon and a half of sugar to the coffee. Mix well, taste and add more sugar if you want.
11. Wait a bit until the coffee grounds set to the bottom of the bowl. Take one lady's finger, dip for a very short time in the coffee, place in serving dish. Cover with some of the mascarpone cream, repeat until done.

You can decorate with cocoa powder like in the video, or if you have some chocolate and a grater, or a potato peeler, try to grate/peel some chocolate onto the tiramisu. I used chocolate and it was lovely.

Author — Alex M.


“You can use vanilla sugar or you can just use vanilla extract.”
(Proceeds to use both) 😂

Author — Evan Abeling


Older people have so much experience that's why they're food is always exquisite and delicious (: my Spanish grandmother cooks sooo good and she's a fast learner she could watch a video like this and make it straight away (: love her

Author — Paloma_r


why his recipe is so simple? I couldn't believe it after watching other videos of making tiramisu

Author — Lifestyle


The Yoda of YouTube chefs.. Untouchable :) thanks for sharing this!

Author — KoreanGuyWhiteGirl


Italian don't measure, they're naturally excellent cooks.  Stop your whining, people.

Author — GettingNailed


Whenever I buy Ladyfingers with the intention of making Tiramisu, I always eat them up before I get around to buying all the other ingredients. haha
This recipe looks great and I love the vanilla sugar. :))  

Author — Rainbow Gardens


Gordon Ramsay’s Tiramisu
“For quick tiramisu remember...DONE!”

Author — Tien Nguyen


I honestly want this man to be my granddad he's so sweet and can cook food! 

Author — Lily G


Antonio is so warm and wonderful to watch. I will be trying this recipe. It looks so good!

Author — Winter


Not so "brutto" this quick & easy tiramisu. Very tempting.

Author — Dabney Fountain


i feel out of breath just by watching this.

Author — winniepillow


What a lovely man! And he and Claudio Ranieri share speak English in the same endearing way with a wonderful Italian lilt.

Author — bodhid


I'm going to try this, it looks so simple for such a gorgeous dessert. thanks to all involved.

Author — Mark Wilde


it has such a rustic beauty to it.. <3

Author — Bushra Patel


Absolute Legend, loved watching his shows when I was just a little kid, so much inspiration.

Author — Muzz The beta orbiter